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Re: Should we bring the Round Robin Format to TT in 2007?

Originally Posted by savestheday91 View Post
I agree with the above posters. I voted no. RR makes me nauseous. It makes me ill just thinking about how it is ruining our sport and I am not entertaining the idea of it in TT either. I will never play a RR TT event. I would rather play challengers, qualifying, or if all those are full, I would rather not play at all. I will absolutely never sign up for one of the RR events. Just as a matter of principle. I am strongly against it in real tennis, and I certainly can't bring myself to support it here.

If you must, try it once, and hopefully no one will sign up for it so you lot will never have the idea to implement it again. So many of us are so upset about it being put into play in real life and now you're going to ruin TT with it too. I don't know, I just hate the idea of it.
Great post Jess. I think exactly the same thing.
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