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Re: 20 Dumbest Celeb Quotes ... ever

Nothing wrong with some of those quotes, to label is a "dumb" quote, one must also look at the context it was said in.

I think it is "dumb" to come up with a list of quotes that aren't that dumb to being with, and it is even "dumber" for someone to copy and paste this list.

20. Jessica Simpson has a point, Texas has the highest leve of obesity of any state or territory in the world. She simply struggled to get the right words out.

19. What's so dumb about what Clinton said? First of all it sounds like a joke, and secondly if the woman was attractive then he makes a good point.

18. This line sounds rather tongue in cheek to me, unless of course she didn't realise what she was saying and actually meant it. But still, it's not that stupid.

17. This one doesn't make too much sense, but then again neither does Paris.

16. Nothing wrong with what Whitney said at all.

15. This is no worse than any Agassi interview.

14. Doesn't really make sense, but is not particularly humorous either.

13. What is wrong with this quote?

12. Yes, it is hilarious to laugh at Michael Jackson, well done.

11. The first dumb quote on the list.

10. Another stupid thing to say, but there is much worse around.

9. This is a joke, and I don't see what was so dumb about it.

8. Again, what context was this said in? And what is wrong with a colourful way of describing headaches?

7. Barbara Bush is a total moron, just like all her inlaws.

6. A slip of the tongue by Kidd, but we all know what he meant.

5. Context? It actually sounds like one of the smarter things George W has ever said.

4. Paris

3. Considering the complete disregard most Americans have for the pronunciation of names of foreign people or places, when asked the question, the "Parthenon" may have sounded completely different. Or, it may have just been a joke.

2. Britney

1. A slip of the tongue from Arnie, but there is some humour to it. is offline  
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