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Re: World Series Preview

Originally Posted by TFan1156 View Post
Yea and you also set up a scenario the other way so no matter what you could claim you were right. Bottom line is this, the Tigers were in the groove tonight and you and SL have serious problems. No more freebies.....
there is more than two scenarios...he could have been 6 ing couple runs..

and to prove my point even more...if you watched to game..after Rogers went out..Cards were getting hits of Jones...
they cant hit the away pitch vs lefties...if you watch game 1 of the NLCS..Glavine was getting those outside calls...the 2nd game Glavine 5...Cards started to get hits.because the Ump didnt give him to he had to come across the plate.

and StL is in great shape...serious problem would have been going back home down 0-2..

ill take Carp vs Tiggers line up/ Cards line up vs Robertson any day and that day will be Tuesday

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