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Re: Del Potro's News and Articles

Here is a link to a nice interview with JMDP about Madrid and his reactions to it and about his future http://msnlatino.espndeportes.espn.g...tory?id=491986

My translation is not word for word, but I hope it gives non-Spanish speakers some indications:-


Juan Martín del Potro already knows what it means to play in a Masters Series. Madrid will be in his memory as the city where he made his debut in a "Super 9" event. He qualified through to play amongst the 48 best ones, although eventually succumbed to a specialist, the Swedeh Joachim Johansson, by 6-4,6-4. He spoke with ESPN about his feelings on playing with the best in the world, his present, his future, and also of the Davis Cup.

- What have your feelings been making your debut in a Masters' Series?
- Very good. I am happy to have played a match of this dimension amongst such good tennis players.

- But there was obviously pain with the match today - a match where you did not finish feeling comfortable..
- Yes. It was a very close match, but against him I could never break his serve. The opportunities that I had to break were all failures and also some controversial decsions.

- Did Johansson's serve kill you?
- It was hard forme - I went through a lot. It was hard to play him because he moved very well and he varied his serve every time. I almost never understood where it was going to go.

- Although he is a player who likes fast courts, the Madrid court is not as quick as others.
. - No - but there are no excuses. The court was the same for both of us. All that I hope is that next time I play (on a faster court), it is against a player who lets me play my game more.

- At one stage in Madrid, you were training with Roger Federer. How was this?
- He was incredible. It benefited me greatly to do that, and it makes me proud that even though I am so young I have already had the chance to train with a great one such as him

- Do you consider him to be the main favourite to win in Madrid?
- Yes. He is the number one of the world and everywhere he plays he is the favourite, but he will not have it easy because there are both Nadal and Nalbandian.

- In spite of your defeat I believe that you go away contented?
- Yes. The idea was to get through qualification and I won well there. I was here just to taste and get an idea. Today was painful but I am still very young. I am thankful for the support of all the Argentines who came to see me, and of the Spaniards who made me feel at home in all the matches.

- And now where will you go?
- Next week I go to Lyon where I will try to do well, and I will finish the year with two challengers. Let us hope that I end the year still in the Top 100.

- You are at 96 at the moment. Will you be happy with that?
- My hope would be to finish in the eighties, but I defend many points in the next 2 weeks and it will be complicated, although the idea is to finish as well as possible.

- So your second year as a professional has not been bad?
- Of course not - no. I have had good results and good matches. I beat important players, and the good thing is that every day I am improving. I must continue working though because I have much left that I need to learn and to improve upon.

- Let us speak of the Davis Cup. Is Argentina the favourite?
- I think so - yes. The team that we have is very good, and if the players play to their level we can win.

- Where will you be when it takes place?
- I don't know. Of course I would love them to call me, but that would be unfair, because those players that got us this far have given everything previously in the series, and they deserve to play in such an important competition. I hope, like all the Argentines, the will win it and they enjoy it.
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