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Re: Marat's new girlfriend

Originally Posted by BelgianWaffle View Post
Forget about her. I wonder how Marat feels about all this
That's exactly my thoughts. It'd be impossible for him not hearing all about this when we all know about it With the recent report that Dasha decided to leave London and return to Moscow, I just hope she would not come back into Marat's life again or EVER.

It was kinda sad to see Marat referred to in this controversy as "ex-lover". I wish he would be completely left out of this affair but I guess that is not possible. Relationship is also like tattoo, perhaps. It will be with you forever.

P.S. I dont get why Dasha's "beauty" has been so heavily highlighted in these recent reports. I mean she's pretty alright. But no one felt the need to repeat over and over again how gorgeous she was when she was with Marat. It seems like Dasha was hyped up to be even sexier, to be more beautiful than she actually is in order to heighten Abramovich's sense of power. And that even more obviously implied that she is nothing more than a trophy date (or a trophy homewrecker) in this story.

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