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Re: Laughing at National and Regional Stereotypes

Originally Posted by GeorgeWHitler View Post
Swedish beer is like shagging in a canoe, then again there are different classes of beer in relation to their strengths, and they even have beer over 5 % though most of it, doesn't have great taste.

Somalian and GWH, if you refer to the 3% folköl that you buy outside Systembolaget I agree it's pretty crappy, but Swedish regular beer (5%) is no worse than Norwegian or even Danish. Go to Germany, Belgium, UK or Czech Rep if you want good beer.

The real shagging in a canoe beer is actually Australian (could be North American though)

I don't like hypocrites, but even worse are the ones who think it's OK to be an asshole as long as you are not hypocritical.
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