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Re: Laughing at National and Regional Stereotypes

Originally Posted by oz_boz View Post
Stereotypes of Sweden:

6. We make crappy music - well, depends on taste, but we are the third largest music exporting country after USA and UK, pretty good for a small country with 9 million people.

that is nor true, millencolin and bombshell rocks are two bands I like alot I also know some other bands from there that I have heard and like but I cant remember their names.
Lol I always thoguht they had at least better than average music.

Here is a list of stereotypes:

1. White american hicks and whitetrash love WWE
2. Mulisms blow themselves up to kill people... oh wait
3. Jews are good at business and anything related to money
4. jews are greedy
5. English people are ugly
6. English peole have very bad teeth
7. French people stink (because they dont take showers everyday)
8. Italians are disorganized
9. Asians have small dicks
10. Black people like watermelon and fried chicken.
11. Germans are racist
12. all african countries are poor... oh wait, thats ture, lol
13. Asians eat dogs
14. Russians are drunks and generally mean people.
15. French people are pussies (ie. WWI, WWII)

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