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Originally Posted by ytben
Gosh, I am started to think somebody put a curse on Rogi or something. These kind of bad draws are really getting ridiculous. Non stop since Houston. It was like they were handpicked by Brad Gilbert . I don't remember his Paris draw.
Paris? Oh that was when he drew Henman in the quarters. Smashed racket count increased that day

I think Basel the previous week was ok. Nalbandian and Henman were both in other side of the draw (and even played each other!). But Roger put his back out and lost to Ljubicic...

In Madrid, he would have got Henman in the third round, but Tim lost to Mardy Fish in the first, so he was spared that problem. The other two didn't even play.

In Vienna, the draw was ok (from memory)...

In the USO, well, I remember freaking out when I saw that 4th round draw. And Cinci, same problem, same player

Before that, I think things were ok. It's only since he won Wimbledon that it's been particularly difficult.
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