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Re: Visit To The Kremlin Cup. Impress Moscow Fab!!

Originally Posted by Mae View Post
And I hope someone has time to translate Truc's posting--I can't read French
Well, here's the Google version

The French put an end yesterday to a series of five defeats to the first turn. And, at thirty-four years, it speaks about tennis to the future.
MOSCOW - of our special correspondent
IN SPITE OF SA REPORT often phenomenal, Fabrice Santoro did not remember to have lived similar black series. “Five defeats of sharpened with the first turn? That had never arrived to me since the beginning of my career. ” Made Checking, the French however knew twice the spiral of the failure: from June to September 1995 (eight, challengers included/understood); then from March to May 2002 (five). “Ah, but that really does not count, was justified it yesterday. The first time, I had just met my future wife and I did not completely have the head with tennis; the second time, I was wounded with the foot. Let us say that, there, it is the first time that that arrives to me in a situation that I would describe as normal. ” Unable to sign a victory of the tournament of Toronto, in August, with that of Metz, last week, the French took again yesterday his trade by the good end while having easily the South-African Wes-ley Moodie (6-3, 6-2). “One of my best matches of the year”, specified it rightly.
Leaded, at the time of the US round, by difficult pullings (Gasquet, Blake, Verdasco) and by a blues of its family, remained on holiday in France, Santoro was seized again while returning to Europe. “It was not a pleasant period, but I was not anxious, says it. Moreover, as of Metz, except the service, all the indicators were with the green. But I would say that it was not the defeat which really imported me. It was rather the way in which I reacted the next morning. I was ready, or not, to set out again with the job? As long as I want to call me in question, my career is not in danger. In the opposite case, attention, risk of tumble. As of Metz, I was reassured: I involved myself three hours the following day, four hours two days later. My success of today (yesterday), it is there that I built it. ”
So long thirty-four years, Santoro seeks basically nothing any more but one thing: the desire, pleasure. It is generally related to the tournament itself. “This American round of summer was really very, very hard for me, explains it. Especially at my age! All my pals and my family were on holiday and confined me by textos interposed: “But what you insane in Toronto in full August? ”… They bronze and, me, I only find myself, like C…, on the continent which I like less… When I go to Australia, at least, I go there with the smile. And as by chance, I play there well. This is why I will zapperai this round the next year. I will directly connect Wimbledon with Newport and Los Angeles. And afterwards, holidays until the US Open one!”
2007 could be the last season of representations of the magician of the circuit. Could, but only be able: “I think that there was a misunderstanding on my declarations, it corrects. The truth, it is that I do not want to reflect beyond 2007. As long as I will feel the desire for involving me, to prepare me physically, of “matcher”, all is still possible. In fact, which excites me more, it is the challenge which awaits me the next year: I will be able to maintain to me in the neighbourhoods 50e world place at thirty-five years? That, it is a question which makes me kiffer serious! Then, all will depend on my results. If I find myself 120e or 130e after Bercy, obviously, the decision will be easy to take… But if I still point my nose in signal 50, I will join together my family and my trainers, and one will reflect. ”
Proof that one can be methodical, analytical, and adore over all the mystery of the future. “Me, which I like from now on, it is when there is a challenge to take up, it concludes. One reflects, one seeks, one proposes solutions. and one is unaware of if that will go or not. It is good not to know!”. Quite known as. And well considering.

"What kind of shape am I in now? Well round is a shape." said Roddick with a laugh. "I had a very detailed retirement plan, and I feel like I've met every aspect of it: a lot of golf, a lot of carbs, a lot of fried food, and some booze, occasionally — I've been completely committed ... The results have shown."

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