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British Players: Who's your man?!

So who's your favourite? Who do you see the most potential in? Enjoy watching/following the most? Why?

I thought it would be a good idea to see who everyone is chearing for out of the Brit Pack. Obviously the Murrays, Henmans and Rusedskis of this world/land are those followed closely, but disregard these and choose from the other lower ranked players; those who tour the world on a tiny budget to pursue a dream or to scrape a living together.

Ill go first...

Favourite current British player: Jamie Baker

Reason: Without disrespecting others, Jamie shows ambition by not relying on the British circuit. He travels to all corners of the earth in search for ranking points, he is risking more than many others yet will hopefully benefit in the long run. Ive not seen Jamie play all that much, but his style of play seems to be very adaptable. He doesnt rely on hit and miss power, often this results in three sets in which the opponent runs to ground on talent/luck after rushing through the first set, yet Jamie is also capable of pulling off unexpected winners and power play as well as passing shots when needs be e.g in his defeat of the S&V orientated Jonny Marray in the recent Nottingham Futures event.
Jamie also shows the determination and dedication that all aspiring tennis players should look upto. According to reports his training ethic is excellent, which in my books is something all top athletes should show if they are dedicated to making the big time.

Picture (from the Jamie Baker Website):

It would be great if people would add who their favourite british player is with a short/long reason

Rising Brits:
Jamie Baker

Colin Fleming

Also Rooting for:

Support British Tennis: http://www.a
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