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Wink OK you didn't get a moderator BUT....

Steve is away on a trip for a few days so has asked me to respond directly to a couple of points...

Originally Posted by MatejBockoFan View Post
I'd kind of like to know why Jess wasn't selected as a moderator for the Serbian forum. I mean, we're a pretty close group and we support her. Sure, there isn't a lot of trouble there, but it would be nice if we could have someone to put threads as stickies and such.
You are right - pretty much the same reason is that in the whole time the Serbia forum has been in existence there has not been on single reported post. Forums such as the Federer forum and the Sth American forum as a whole has generated the most recently and that is the reason why those two were given a moderator.

Also if this forum got itself a moderator then we would have a hard time justifying rejections to people who ask for a moderator in other "smaller" forums.

Originally Posted by savestheday91 View Post
Awww thanks Scott, but it's okay. I'm either just not mod-worthy or they just don't care about Serbia. Either way, no worries.
I can't for a minute understand why you would believe this

Now the BUT bit...

I guess it is a question of where we want MTF to go in terms of direction - I think you will agree that there have been some positive changes recently under the new management and having able to chat with Steve a lot it's clear he actually wants to take a vested interested in this forum by coming up with heaps of new ideas to make the forum even better.

So keeping the above in mind, I think it would be a little hypocritical of us to ignore the great work Jess has done in promoting this forum. Now it becomes a matter of not so much being a moderator per se, but a person who can attract more interest in this forum and treat this board as if it is her own.

So welcome to the newest member of the mod squad, congrats Jess

Steve is away until early next week but will hook you up with what you need in terms of admin functions when he returns
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