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Originally Posted by probids
OK this is why you need two people. One to become an affiliate and the other to open an account through the affiliate link. It is good business sense to pay this commission as 100% of zero is zero. It is recurring so if the team you back wins they take the same 27% off your affiliate earnings. If you trade 2000 pounds per night and have around a 60% success rate per month you are up around 8000 pounds for the month. remember with the bookmaker you are backing the team you want to lose not win. The exchange you lay at also takes a commission starting 5 at % dropping to 2% so your true commission is 22 to 25%. If you need any help just ask but like anything just do some research and do dummy trades for a month or so.
I think I follow, is all a bit French as my training is in the liberal arts, not business. So your partner becomes the affiliate, you open an account through their link and count on them to kick back to you their commissions on your loses. Bet both sides of the event, you cannot lose as you have access to these kickbacks.
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