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Re: Bolar's top 10 tips for seducing women.

Originally Posted by Bolar Bolabi
I know you've been waiting for it and now you've got it. Follow this advice and Bolar guarantees you will be able to seduce any female you want.


The most important thing. Shower everyday, look after yourself and smell nice. Have a clean place. Girls don't like a bloke who is messy. If you smell nice, you're bound to have luck. If you have a clean place to go back to and she's with you, she will think you're a neat and tidy guy who cares about cleanliness. This will help you big time.


Be cleanly shaven with sensational aftershave. If you want girls to be interested in you, then have a cleany shaven face. With the aftershave, do not under any circumstances pile it on. Same with deoderant. That will turn the girls right off as they will think you stink naturally and you've just piled it on to cover something up. Just put on enough to get their attention. They will smell it and ask themselves where it's coming from.


It's important to wear decent clothes. No baggy jeans, no holey pants, none of this messy shit. Now do not go overboard on the clothes. You don't have to go out and buy a suit. That's not cool for girls. Just something contemporary and neat is enough to get a girls attention.


Pay attention to her when you're talking to her. Make eye contact. Do not keep making eye contact because having someone stare at you all the time is not good. But just check her out and maintain eye contact when you're talking to her. Do not look away at other girls. That will make women think you're a sleaze and you won't get anywhere.


This is a biggy. Listen to what the girl is saying. Don't go "hmmm" "uh-uh" "yeah" "okay" - Just listen to her and use expressive words to make her think that you're really interested in what she is saying. If you're not interested in what she is saying, then still listen and use expressive words and join in conversation.


Body language is important. If the girl is playing with her hair whilst she's talking to you, she is finding you sexy and interesting and she wants to hear what you have to say whilst she's admiring your gorgeous body and face. If she is looking away, looking down at the ground or looking bored, then move onto someone else. She isn't interested. So don't waste your time. Time is of the essence. Now for you, just stand up straight and don't look bored.


Now you've got the advice about listening, paying attention and body language, now the build up on that and the most important one is talking to her. Don't talk about sport or how much of a show off you are. Girls are more interested in other things they don't know, for example things about yourself. Now tell her about yourself. Get her interested to know about you. If you're open to her, chances are she'll feel confident and will be open to you too. So if she opens up to you, you're half way there.


Most girls love dancing. If you can't dance, don't worry. Chances are the girl can't dance herself. Just join in and dance and she will dance with you. If she sees you trying, it will definately give you some browny points.

Now, the next 2 tips are the big ones. These are very important. You've broken in and got her interested and now you've gotto build from there.


Saucy chat can heighten the sexiness of the moment but you need to be careful on where you go. Most girls like naughty chat rather than dirty chat, so keep that in mind. Start by telling her when you really like something. It's a perfect way to lead into progressively naughtier banter.


Girls love a good massage. Believe you me. Buy a bottle of scented massage oil and with strong hands, slowly and gently massage her from head to toe. Do not linger around the obvious parts also. She will like to be massaged all over. And the other important tip is to warm up the oil before you apply it. Do not apply cold oil to her or you'll be in trouble. Gently massage her for a while and it will feel good to her.

Follow these 10 steps and you will get laid.

You forgot something Bolar :


This is your secret weapon, if like most men u have trouble sticking to all of the above 10. Buy her a drink get talking and keep getting them for her.
If all goes to plan she will lose her inhibitions and provided u are getting on well, your chances of getting laid that night increase significantly

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