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Re: Chuuuuuuuuuuucho in Davis Cup

That article says that is almost a fact that Chucho will be the "second" singles player. According to the article Luli would take this desicion having in mind that the match against Lleyton would be a very "physical" match. Allways according to the article rain is expected on Friday, but high temperatures too (this is funny..., we`re not having more that 28 ºC as max. temperature these days. These are not so high temperatures....) Chucho trained with David for an hour and a half at midday and and in the afternoon, at 16:00 he hit some balls with Mancini and Arnold while Orsanic was watching (both things were taken as a clues by the journalist) Chucho was in one side of the court and Luli and Arnold in the other. He trained in the stadium.
In one of the auxiliar courts Chela and Calleri trained and Agustín have been volleying more than usual. According to the journalist, this made obvious that Chucho will play the singles and Agustìn the doubles with David on Saturday.

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