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Re: Switch to a One handed back hand?

Originally Posted by bank5
Ive been playing consistantly for about a year and half and am not thrilled with my two handed backhand. I hit it consistantly but not very deep and get few winners from it. Im thinking about switching to a one handed backhand because I think it will be more of a weapon.

Does anyone have any advice on switching? Are they any good free tennis websites with the proper strokes for a one-hander?
Switching is gonna be a bitch and if you've already got a consistant 2 hander what you might want to consider is taking a private lesson if you haven't already. A simple adjustment from hand position to take back to follow thru path to contact point etc could be all thats required to give your 2 hander more pop but without seeing it first hand its tough to know what may be causing you to lose depth and power. An instructor should be able to pick up on whats causing you to lose both and give you enough feedback that you can use to make it a weapon instead of starting from scratch.

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