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Originally Posted by tangerine_dream
It's cyclical. MTF goes through periods where it's doing really well, the posts and people are great, and then, usually right after a big tournament, it goes to crap for a while. People become bored or sad with no tennis to watch and don't know what to do with themselves other than troll and pick a fight.

Not only that, but I've noticed that MTF picks up a lot of new users during the summer months so add the newbie factor to the tennis ennui and you get a bumbustible combo.

Anyway, after seeing what happened between Escude and bad_gambler, people who are considering being a moderator should consider it some more.
tangerine_dream I love your term "bumbustible combo" And I do think you have made some very good points about MTF. However, I somehow missed what happened between Escude and bad_gambler. And I'm probably just as well off to have missed it And for some reason I'm thinking of an old song called, Why Can't We Be Friends?
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