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Are you in the "red" or in the "black" ..?

Ok, so we're all in this to come out infront financially .. but the common view on betting seems to be that "the house always wins" ..

We all share tips and info and post plays here, and no doubt everyone keeps records of how they're going overall. So, I thought it'd be interesting to share stats / records ect on how we're going ..

Of course, you only have to disclose as much as you want in terms of figures ect, but it'd be good to get an indication on just how many punters are profiting ..

Personally, I started having a flutter a few years ago and made all the mistakes newbies make .. Had some wins, had some losses and after a couple of years I finished up just a hair or so in the "red".

Resumed in about February this year, and decided to, wherever possible bet only on things with only two possible outcomes (ie leaving margins ect alone and just sticking with head to head type plays). Watching the way you guys bet this way convinced me it was the best method.

Anyway, this proved much more profitable and a couple of months ago I reached a milestone of being $1000 'up' overall (my stock-standard stake is $100). I've hit a bit of a rough patch since then and currently sit about $700 up atm..

But I'm now wondering, will I continue to build my overall bank? Or do the punting gods intervene at some stage and send everyone back to square one..? Some of the losing bets I've made recently have been in breach of the rules I followed to get in front in the first place. So I'm determined to stop taking short cuts and get back to what worked (ie strong 'singles' and 'banker doubles'). I also think the end of the NRL season will help because I'm convinced it's just not possible to get anywhere with this sport. Soccer on the other hand ..
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