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Re: Week 3, Day 1

Originally Posted by sportpunter
good start this year tho, how've you gone in previous years?
I am starting my 5th year using this betting system, where my goal is to earn/win $1000 a week. That is a GOAL though. It does NOT happen every week, not even close. Also, if I lose, say $2000 in a week, instead of trying to win $3000 the following week, I will spread that $2000 loss over the next 20 weeks and try to win $1100 over the next 20 weeks.

Year 1 was the only year where I hit $52,000 after 52 weeks, but I did some crazy, crazy betting the last 3 weeks to reach that goal and I would never do that again (way too dangerous) and had to tweak the betting system after that year to make it more "reasonable". I am up every year, but to be frank, I will not post those amounts because quite frankly, "Past results do NOT guarantee future performance". Just because I did well the last few years doesn't mean squat for this year, especially when I did not start posting until this year, so I have NO track record. THIS year is what counts, so all I can do is say is watch for a few months and if I am winning, then maybe my bets are worth looking at.
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