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Re: The Baby Steps, Top 10 Watch Out! Ranking Peek and Look Away, Check Back Later Thread

Originally Posted by PennyThePenguin
started last week ma'am! the lectures aren't too bad. i start at 2pm every day. but they decided that as final year students, we should be put through the torture chambers so we have assignments and counselling cases blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah which drags us back to school at 10am anyway for discussion sessions and of course there's the honours project
10 AM is not that bad for final year. But I have to admit, I didn't like the discussion sessions very much either.
Belgian students are very passive.. it's a thing that goes back from the earlier years, let's say 50's and up, where a professor would be 'God' and all that was expected from students was to shut up and listen and take notes. So now (with The Netherlands as an example) the government is trying to get more interaction from the students. We've had guest speakers from The Netherlands and the UK and they all say how passive and timid the Belgian students are and nobody likes to put up their hand to answer questions (even though they know it). (I can't tell you how many painful silences we've sat through. "No-one?" *pause* "Fine, I'll answer myself." )
So appearantly we gotta be more blunt and daring and speak up for the whole auditory. (no way ) You know how lecturers sometimes hold a large stick to point out things at the blackboard? Well some of them use that stick to point out students in the audience. I can say for a fact, it's not a very pleasurable experience when such a stick is shoved almost up your nose and you have to answer some question.
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