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Qualy Report Day 2, 3, 4

Got to see my first day of qualies, great time. Here is what I saw

Carlsen v Stakhovski

Had to see the big Dane to start. Stakhovski isn't a bad player, a little slightly built and a game more tailored for clay courts. His downfall was that he really didn't get much of a look in on most of Kenneth's serves, once the rallies started it was about even.

Also watched a little of Paolo Lorenzi - Ivo Klec as it was on the adjacent court. Both guys played similar styles, Klec was losing his temper a bit. One game took the same time as about four or five games of the Carlsen match.

Safin and Gasquet practice

I stopped by the practice courts - it was great that two of my favourites practiced with each other. Not so great it was on those fenced in courts where you have to climb around bushes and trees and look through a fence to see. Safin did not have a separate coach with him. Richard's coach Eric Deblicker was talking to both guys a lot. It was funny watching the three of them talk about girls on the changeovers.

Koubek v Faurel

Watched the beginning of this match - Faurel looked like he was controlling the match, had good touch around the net, Koubek making a lot of errors, Faurel takes the first set, I leave and then it turns out Koubek ran away with the rest of the match. I like Faurel's backhand, nice style.

Koellerer v Heuberger

This match was great, I highly recommend watching Koellerer play as he is quite entertaining. The loud yell that accompanied his serve made me laugh. He did a lot of silly stuff like get a running start and kick balls over the net, dive for a volley and then pose lying on the court after. A lady that spoke German next to me was translating some of the stuff he was yelling when hed make errors. I talked to his coach (Martin Spottl) for a bit, nice guy. Overall a great Crazy Dani experience.

Peter Luczak v Younes El Aynaoui

Was suprised to see this match already going on. Younes got I believe a 5-2 lead in the second as he was hitting his classic forehand and moving better than last year. Then all of the sudden he choked it all away as he was missing everything. Looks like it is just about the end for him. He looked really down after the match.

del Potro v Vahaly

del Potro didn't have to do a lot to win here, Vahaly seems to have lost a lot on his serve, was using a weird motion and del Potro was able to easily return them. I would think d.p. would have a bigger serve for his size although he is young, good solid groundstrokes though, didn't come to net much as he didn't need to. One bad sign for del Potro is that he called the trainer and seemed to complain of heat exhaustion, had him put an ice bag on his neck. It was a very pleasant, not hot at all day, I don't get that one.

Marcel Granollers v Alex Calatrava

This was in Armstrong, don't know why they have one match there. Calatrava hits nice groundstrokes, but Granollers was getting a lot of looks at his serves and was able to serve and volley on his own serve. Granollers was playing a little bit more of a serve and volley game than many Spaniards, may have been the strategy for that match. Interesting that Calatrava was able to challenge a call and have it overturned, however it did not show up on the big screen as they don't have anything on those yet. I guess the chair ump just looks at his little monitor.

Then went to courts 8 9 and 10 which are adjacent to each other.

Becker v Fognini

The surface made a big difference here. Becker's game seems tailored for these courts, decent serve, big forehand, attacks well. Fognini seems much more at home on a clay court, fun to watch but Becker had too much power. Watched some of Luzzi v Fruttero, Fruttero doing a lot of attacking, almost had the match won in the second before I left. Galimberti and Stoppini both were watching the two matches on the adjacent courts.

Lapentti v Armando

Very clay court like match, tons of Ecuadorians in the crowd cheering on Lapentti, he played well, Armando up a break in the second before Lapentti broke back and took control of the match, Lapentti looked like he was in good form.

On the subway ride home happened to see Fognini, Stoppini and their entourages on the same subway car as me, I guess the ATP doesnt give everyone transport? Some cute girls with Fognini...


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