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The situation is for Nicolas Kiefer, injuries has the Hannoveraner in its career too is sufficient not again had, and nevertheless it is this mark different. For three months the 29-Jaehrige at an injury of the left wrist laboriert. On he speaks exclusively about his situation.

How frustrating is it, if one must call the second Grand Slam tournament off of the yearly?

Nicolas Kiefer: It is already annoying. But I know also that I cannot force anything. I wanted to absolutely try everything for New York, the large tournaments am my highlights. But I learned in the meantime that plan nothing at all brings. One is disappointed only if it does not fold. Thus I was with already resound and Wimbledon, whereupon I had been pleased in such a way. Since then I think only from day to day.

To last you had hoped still for your participation. Why didn't it fold nevertheless?

Kiefer: One hopes naturally that it goes faster with the healing. Actually I should begin two weeks ago ago to train again with the racquet. But I had thereby pain and had to restrain. I tried it then again and went it again not. I would have played in New York, if I had been able to train two weeks on highest level. But it makes no sense, which I must accept simple in such a way.

How far did your injury heal in the meantime?

Kiefer: The operation is now four weeks ago, and only two small scars are to be seen. When playing it does however still to pain. The musculature must be developed again, me is missing still somewhat the strength. That needs simply time.

It immediately clear you in Paris was that the injury is so serious?

Kiefer: I would have never thought that the fall was so bad. I realized correctly also only on the next morning that somewhat is not correct. The first physician meant, I was to place the hand calmly, but I wanted resound and Wimbledon to absolutely play. I trained a little and noticed that it does not go. That was my error, that was perhaps two given away weeks.

How did it continue then?

Kiefer: I had daily therapy and everything made, what went at all: Syringe, ultrasonic, manual therapy, current therapy, everything. It became also better, but I could not train simply pain-free with the racquet. Two wrist specialists guessed/advised me then to a Athroskopie. Actually I try to avoid such things. But if it is the last way out, then I must make it for stop.

Did the operation run well?

Kiefer: I was sceptical at the beginning of nevertheless somewhat. As the rail got could I mean hand neither upward nor downward to move. And do not mean left arm I any more from alone did not hochgekriegt. One day after the OI I had no more feeling suddenly in the small finger. There I became then nevertheless somewhat jerky. The physicians say to one then: that comes already. Fortunately they were right.

But with your return to the route it will probably still somewhat last. Did you check off the season already?

Kiefer: In no case. On my play plan the large Asia route in September and the tournaments stand in Europe. I feel more fitter than ever before, which concerns strength and perseverance. Perhaps the break is an advantage for me. In the last year I was very tired and leached out for the end of the season and therefore no longer so well played. Now I feel freshly, particularly from the head. Also the distance from the tennis was good. I am glad the whole tennis players and coaches times to have seen.
How did you gekriegt the head freely?

Kiefer: I had time for things, which I thus could not make in the last ten years. The whole year am I on the way, come only times one week to Hanover over to ease to meet friends and family and then am I again away. Now I was since at the end of May nearly only in Hanover. That is unusual for me, but it was also mad. When it was so warm, I had constantly grilled football with friends and during the WM had looked. That made enormous fun.

And you stand thereby at the grill, where you eat nevertheless no more meat?

Kiefer: But clearly, I was the absolute grill master - I eat Pute and chicken still. And the food buying is also mad.

They push with the trolley by the supermarket? Tennis professionals are considered as rather nevertheless generally delicately...

Kiefer: Well, on tournaments is evenly provided for everything. If I train, the bottle water already stands on the plant. There one does not think that one which to drink to buy would have. In the Players Lounge there is also everything and in the evening goes one eating somewhere. Now I am written even purchase note. I must worry about everything and take the responsibility.

That sounds, as if you would have retrieved the little "normal" life.

Kiefer: Yes, is probably correct. At my television also still somewhat broken went. Otherwise I call that in the hotel lobby and am regulated. Now I do not have to worry about things, which are for my joy completely normal and everyday, for me however. I have no notion from electronics only unfortunately. But Hanno Balitsch (professional of Hanover 96) is there talented, repairs for me that.

I take Okay back, that with the "normal life" again. But it seems, as if you would have carried forward much positive from the injury time. One does not know that actually at all from you...

Kiefer: That was in former times reliably my problem with injuries. There I down-pulled myself, with the fate gehadert and thought, how badly I am. It is annoying with the hand, but straight in these phases one must see the good sides of the life. I learned from the past injuries and became now many more relaxed. Over things to excite, which one cannot change, nevertheless nothing brings itself.

Which realizations still collected you?

Kiefer: That the body and the health are the most important. I worked much to my Fitness and also with Yoga began, in order to ease still better to breathe better and to concentrate me more on me. I must say, it bring much to me. I am always somewhat sceptical with new things, but it helps me so far.

Thus do you waste all with your injuries in the last years still no thoughts to be shifted completely on house man activities?

Kiefer: I am 29, many say, I become older. But I feel still young, rather like 24 or 25. Of stopping is not to be thought yet.

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