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Predict-the-Upsets (PTU) - New Game | under constr. - co-creators+help/advises needed

Hello everyone on MTF!

I've been imagining, creating and wroting the rules for a new game for MTF. It seems to me it could be very fun and would be worth its presence in the main Games board. But it's still under work and needs quite some treatment.

Here it is:

Predict the Upsets (PTU)


The goal of Predict-the-Upsets (PTU) is to get the greatest amount of PTU points by betting on upsets and upsetters. You analyze the draws and upcoming matches and you decide how much and where you place your bets.


In order to play, a commitment is necessary in the PTU Commitments thread. *add link*
The deadline is usually midnight CET (GMT+1), but if there is a change, players will be told the precise time. Respect the deadline or you won't be able to play in the tournament.


- In this game, you chose the "underdog" of a match, the player who could upset the other or, in other words: the player that is not considered the favourite in a match, judging from the odds.
- A limited credit of PTU Cash is given to each player: ATP250, 250 PTU Cash / ATP 500, 500 PTUC / MS100, 1000 PTUC / GS, 2000 PTUC / WTF, 1500 PTUC
- You need to bet at least 3 times during the whole tournament.
- Your bets can't be under the 5 PTUC (PTU Cash) mark. It's the minimum you can place.
- The total of your bets must not surpass the credit that is given to you (which, again, depends on the tournament level).
- The player wins the PTU points without the amount placed (Ex: Player A odds = 5.10 -> PTU player's bet on him = 10 -> 5.10*10 = 51 PTU cash won, not 51+10= 61 )
- Bets must be written in units, not with decimals. (Ex: 8, 37, 140, 1220 ; Not 8.2, 36.88, etc.)
- Although the odds are shown in decimals, the amount won is rounded-up to the unit. (Ex: 23.24 = 23 ; 52.65 = 53 ; 14.50 = 15)
- All the points won for each bet are added -> Each player gets a Final score and his standing.

- Considering the fact that you bet on upsets in this game, you may not want to risk of keeping a lot of your credit in the final stages of the tournament, unless you initially think a "surprise player" (or many) will reach the final rounds of the tournaments.
- You must be aware that there might be very few "upsets" in a tournament, so you have to think well of how much you place in your bets. Interpret the draws and try to predict the results well. Bet clever!

Winning PTU and Standings

- The winner is the player who gets the greatest number of points. As simple as that.
-> If 2 or more players are tied: the best "riskier bet" (RB) wins. (Ex: PTU player A's riskier bet = 6.62 wins over PUT player B's riskier bet = 5.76)
-> If still tied: greatest amount placed in a single winning bet wins.
-> If still tied, then players remain tied.
- If the results are calculated with the Back-Up Bets (BUBs)*, it's also the player with the greatest number of points who wins.
-> If 2 or more players are tied: the greatest number of correct match winner picked wins.
-> If still tied: the greatest number of correct sets predicted wins.
-> If still tied, then players remain tied.

What is exactly an Upset in PTU?

The best way to describe an upset in this game is to give you an example. Let's take this match from AO '14, R3:
Murray A. - Lopez F. -> odds: 1.12 - 6.32

The odds are the references. So, when you read this, it means Murray is the big favourite. So he gets only 1.12, which means that the "price" you bet will be multiplied by this amount.
In real life and with real money, if you bet 50 $, you will win 50*1.12 = 56$+50$. While, if you go for the big upset, as suggested by the odds for Lopez, you could get (for the same amount placed) 50*6.32 = 316$+50$.
The bigger the odds are, the less chances there are for the upset to happen - if you believe the odds. That's what it means concretely. But you and only you are the judge! The odds are a reference but if you feel or believe there could be an upset, just go for Feliciano. But if he doesn't upset Murray, you'll lose your 50$ and you won't get it back.

In the PTU game, you can only bet for the player that could possibly upset the other. So, in this match, if you bet on it, you could place your PTUC on Lopez.
That taken into consideration, you have to know that in PTU, you only get the points you win (without the amount placed). For 50 PTU Cash, you'd get 316 points, not 316+50. The reason? It's useless in this game and it isn't real money, so it wouldn't change a thing.

How does the manager decide when there could be a possible upset and make bets available? It's the manager of the tournament's choice, he is the one who decides this criteria, but it is preferable to have at least a 0.40 units differential. *to be discussed*
Example in odds: 1.68-2.02 -> 0.34 separates both odds, so if the tennis player with the 2.02 odds wins, we can't really say it is an upset. It is a very minor upset.

* Back-up Bets

If the number of upsets needed is not reached, Back-Up Bets (BUBs) will be used in order to prevent the tournament to be void and we can still calculate the points and create standings.
The number of BUBs will depend on how many matches will be played in the given tournament. BUBs will be asked right from the beginning, independently of what might happen or not. So, everytime a BUB is demanded next to a match, write it!

Here is the chart for each tournament level:

ATP250 -> Upsets needed: 6 / Back-Up Bets demanded: 10
ATP500 31-match -> Upsets needed: 6 / Back-Up Bets asked: 10
ATP500 47-match -> Upsets needed: 8 / Back-Up Bets asked: 16
MS1000 -> 55-match -> Upsets needed: 12 / Back-Up Bets asked: 18
Paris -> 47-match -> psets needed: 8 / Back-Up Bets asked: 16
IW/Miami -> 95-match -> Upsets needed: 16 / Back-Up Bets asked: 24
GS -> 127-match -> Upsets needed: 20* / Back-Up Bets asked: 28 *to be discussed*

In this case, you will have to chose the winner and the number of sets won by each player. There will be odds for each scenario. You will guess and pick what you think will be the result in sets and you will place the cash you want. The credit given to the players is the same as for PTU and the rules about the credits remain the same too.

These BUBs can be complementary or additional bets. But they remain INDEPENDENT and they are OBLIGATORY. They would be used in case there was not enough upsets in the actual tournament.
Concretely: you have to write all the BUBs under your initial PTUs. And if you don't want to bet and give PTUs in a certain round, you still have to write the BUBs asked for each round.

Note: the Back-Up Bets are placed randomly and before the tournament starts. They can be placed in only 1 round, in all, or in various. It's pure randomness.

Final format of PTUs and Back-up Bets

PTU *Column(round)*Match# *[Amount]
At the bottom of the message, add the credit remaining.

Example, for a 250 ATP tournament R1:

PTU A2 [45]
PTU A7 [10]
PTU A14 [23]

Remaining Credit: 172


BUB## | PlayerA(sets)PlayerB | [Amount placed]
Example, for a 250 ATP tournament, in which there are 2 BUBs asked in R1:

BUB01 Nadal(2:1)Djokovic [52]
BUB02 Nalbandian(2:3)Hewitt [18]

Remaining credit: 180

Tournament scores & standings




Changing your bets

If you want to amend a previous bet (cancel or change), quote the original post and add a new message. Don't edit the post and never delete it!
A moderator will scan this thread every day to track on deleted/edited posts. If you are caught cheating, you will be automatically disqualified from this tournament.
In certain cases, you might be banned from playing temporarily or permanently. Please, play fairly everybody!


If a tennis player in the tournament withdraws before the match starts, your bets will not be counted and you won't lose the amount stacked.
If a player retires during the match (after the first point was started), your bet would still be considered and counted.

More infos

- The manager uses for the odds. Odds are bloked when the manager decides.
The manager must post them in the front page (PTU Odds, PTUO)
- Give a link for time zones + site to the tournament.

I am still not sure about some details, like the minimum number of Upsets needed for each level or the number Back-Up Bets needed, etc. And that's where all of you guys can help and contribute! Just give your ideas and opinions: they could be discussed and could appear eventually in the game.
Also, I am looking for co-creators! I'd need people who are great at doing ranking tables, charts, and other features of this new game; and people who are simply interested in contributing to the creation of PTU. Send me a PM if you are interested in helping me.

My goal is to make this game a classic in MTF: it has a lot of potential and is very interesting when it comes to both strategy and luck, a rare combo.

Clif, aka MachineGun
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Re: Predict-the-Upsets (PTU) - New Game | under constr. - co-creators+help/advises ne

This is how you read a draw in PTU (here, let's pretend it's an 32S ATP 250 tournament and not a CH H+):

Let's imagine that you didn't bet on any of the R1 and you now want to pick E. Struvay and H. Cunha to upset their opponents in R2, you deciode to bet 95 PTUC on Struvay and 30 PTUC on Cunha. Then, your pick must be written like this:
PTU B01 [30]
PTU B05 [95]

Remaining Credit: 125

Now, the Back-Up Bets.

In a 32S (ATP250) tournament, 10 BUBs will be demanded. In case the minimum number of upsets is not reached during the whole tournament (here: 6), we can still have the PTU tournament going on. (Read the Back-Up Bets chapter of the rules)
Just like the PTU bets, the BUBs must be given by each player before the deadline (first point played in each match is the deadline). They are not optional, they are mandatory! What you'll need to do here is give the score in sets and bet on your prediction. For instance, if you bet 20 PTUC on P. Lorenzi to beat J. Londero in 2 sets, the format of your pick will be as followed
BUB 07 Londero(0:2)Lorenzi [20]
Substract the PTU Cash you "invested" in this match from your Remaining Credit.

The final format in R2 would look like this:

PTU B01 [30]
PTU B05 [95]

Remaining Credit: 125


BUB01 Barrientos(score in sets)Turini [amount]
BUB02 Spir(score in sets)Trusendi [amount]
BUB07 Londero(0:2)Lorenzi [20]

Remaining Credit: 250 - (BUB 01+BUB 02+...+20) *
* What must be posted is the PTU Cash remaining, not the calculation itself.

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Re: Predict-the-Upsets (PTU) - New Game | under constr. - co-creators+help/advises ne

Is anyone capable of doing spread sheets? Again, I'd need help for the creation. So don't hesitate if you wish collaborating! Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Predict-the-Upsets (PTU) - New Game | under constr. - co-creators+help/advises ne

Interesting concept

TT singles: - Rank 48 (03/17)
Title (1): Quito'17
Finals (7): Queens'16, Monte Carlo'15, CH Noumea'15, CH Sarasota'14, CH Buenos Aires'13, CH Mons'13, Fut Poitiers'13
TT doubles: - Rank 112 (03/17)
Titles (12): Acapulco'17 (w/ mahqz), CH Caltanissetta'15, CH Noumea'15, CH Este'14, CH Mohammedia'14, CH Mestre'14, CH Bordeaux'14, CH Shenzhen'14, CH Buenos-Aires'13, Fut Poitiers'13 , CH Caltanisseta'13, ATP Bogota (with Fickelgruber)
Final (7): 2017 - Buenos Aires'17, Marseilles'17 (w/ mahqz),

Allez les Frenchies (Tsonga/Monfils/Gasquet/Simon/Paire/Pouille/Halys/Lokoli)
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Re: Predict-the-Upsets (PTU) - New Game | under constr. - co-creators+help/advises ne

I imagined the winning points for the Rankings in an original fashion. Here is what it would look like:

ATP 250 tournament -> coeff. 0.25:
You win 20 (total scoring points) -> 20 x 0.25 = 5 / 200 -> 200 x 0.25 = 50

ATP 500 -> coeff. 0.50:
10 -> 10 x 0.5 = 5 / 420 -> 420 x 0.5 = 210

MS1000 -> coeff. 1.0:
30 -> 30 x 1.0 = 30 / 900 -> 900 x 1.0 = 900

Grand Slam -> coeff. 2.0:
80 PTU x 2 = 160 / 800 x 2 = 1600
What do you think?


I also wanted added a poll with 3 names for the game. (Of course, the "Cash name" would change if the name of the game was changed.)
The alternative names:

1. Predit the Upsets (PTU)
2. Upset City (UC)
3. Against the Odds (ATO)

I'd go for Upset City, personally. It sounds good and different from the other games.

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Re: Predict-the-Upsets (PTU) - New Game | under constr. - co-creators+help/advises ne

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Re: Predict-the-Upsets (PTU) - New Game | under constr. - co-creators+help/advises ne

Hello, everyone!

I think I will give the game a try at the Canada Masters (in 2 weeks). I don't have a real spreadsheet for the scoring points calculation, but it shouldn't be that hard to manage the game without it. I'll see how it goes...
I see there is no real winner as for the game's name. My opinion doesn't matter as much as yours, so Against the Odds (ATO) wins, by default.

Please, if you can help in any way, just let me know! I'd be happy to let you help me developping the game.
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