The Yemok & Biliana Cup - 'Battle Of The Sexes'. Ladies win 28-21! Congrats girls! -
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Cool The Yemok & Biliana Cup - 'Battle Of The Sexes'. Ladies win 28-21! Congrats girls!

The Yemok & Biliana Cup - The Battle Of The Sexes

In loving memory of Emil and Biliana who gave so much to Tennis Tipping.

Emil (26/06/1977-28/07/2007)

Biliana (15/12/1982 - 28/07/2007)

Gone but not forgotten, the impact they made on TT cannot be described in words, and this duel is in their honour

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Re: TT Duel -> The Yemok & Biliana Cup - 'Battle Of The Sexes'. Confirm your interest

Team Line-Ups

Team Emo (Men)

1. Labamba (c)
2. soltmann_89
3. GustavoM_Fan
4. Zirconev
5. scarecrows
6. TMJordan
7. albop
8. tiptopdaisy
9. maldini
10. east_players
11. tennisfancroatia
12. tennis2006
13. Scala
14. balloon
15. keqtqiadv
16. Deathless Mortal
17. Siders
18. Kielian
19. Chris 84
20. Snowwy
21. ExcaliburII
22. Foosimoo
23. Nalrodd
24. A_Skywalker
25. Sheva
26. JM-Del-Potro
27. invu2day
28. M.C.
29. Alonsofz
30. [adidas]
31. Nando_L
32. propaganda


Team Biliana (Women)

1. savestheday91 (c)
2. Tytta!.
3. Deboogle!.
4. Aimee!.
5. LaTenista
6. Peta Pan
7. Nadie
8. Ria
9. Alekutza
10. Björki
11. Iza
12. Deea
13. scythe19pro
14. angela
15. bavaria100
16. Fergie
17. linus
18. Alx
19. JadrankaHR
20. *julie*

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Re: TT Duel -> The Yemok & Biliana Cup - 'Battle Of The Sexes'. Confirm your interest

Scores And Results

Opening Singles Matches

Matches Counted: 35
Matches Remaining: 0

26:27 | scarecrows vs. scythe19pro
26:25 | GustavoM_Fan vs. angela
31:26 | maldini vs. Björki
00:26 | tennisfancroatia vs. Tytta!.
24:26 | keqtqiadv vs. *julie*
00:27 | Sheva vs. Alekutza
26:26 | Zirconev vs. Ria SR3
27:28 | albop vs. Fergie
25:23 | tiptopdaisy vs. savestheday91
26:25 | TMJordan vs. Deboogle!.
29:27 | soltmann_89 vs. Deea
24:28 | ExcaliburII vs. Nadie
21:27 | JM-Del-Potro vs. Iza
26:28 | Labamba vs. LaTenista
27:26 | tennis2006 vs. Aimee!.
28:29 | Kielian vs. Peta Pan
26:27 | M.C. vs. Alx
23:26 | [adidas] vs. bavaria100
28:28 | Snowwy vs. JadrankaHR SR1
27:23 | balloon vs. linus



Doubles Matches

Matches Counted: 32
Matches Remaining: 0

48:51 | A_Skywalker / propaganda vs. savestheday91 / scythe19pro
41:47 | tennis2006 / balloon vs. Alx / Aimee!.
52:46 | scarecrows / soltmann_89 vs. Ria / Nadie
53:49 | Labamba / Sheva vs. Alekutza / Deea
50:47 | Foosimoo / Snowwy vs. Björki/ bavaria100
52:45 | Deathless Mortal / Chris 84 vs. angela / linus
46:47 | GustavoM_Fan / maldini vs. LaTenista / *Julie*
41:48 | TMJordan / tiptopdaisy vs. Fergie / Iza
50:50 | Nando_L / keqtqiadv vs. Deboogle!. / Tytta!. SR2



Closing Singles Matches

Matches Counted: 21
Matches Remaining: 0

14:15 | keqtqiadv vs. Nadie
13:12 | maldini vs. Fergie
14:12 | A_Skywalker vs. Tytta!.
11:12 | Sheva vs. Alekutza
13:14 | Chris 84 vs. scythe19pro
14:14 | propaganda vs. Ria SR1
13:09 | soltmann_89 vs. LaTenista
12:13 | TMJordan vs. Peta Pan
14:12 | Zirconev vs. *julie*
13:15 | tennis2006 vs. JadrankaHR
11:14 | Alonsofz vs. Björki
13:12 | Nando_L vs. angela
10:13 | balloon vs. Alx
15:10 | Snowwy vs. linus
13:12 | Deathless Mortal vs. bavaria100
13:14 | tiptopdaisy vs. Deboogle!
12:12 | Foosimoo vs. Iza SR1
13:12 | GustavoM_Fan vs. Deea
11:13 | scarecrows vs. Aimee.
10:14 | Labamba vs. savestheday91


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Re: TT Duel -> The Yemok & Biliana Cup - 'Battle Of The Sexes'. Confirm your interest

Schedule of Play


*Matches from Moscow, Vienna and Stockholm*

Monday & Tuesday ~ Opening Singles Matches (20 matches)
Wednesday & Thursday ~ Doubles Matches (9 matches)
Friday, Saturday & Sunday ~ Closing Singles Matches (20 matches)

Sunday Order Of Play

Paul-Henri Mathieu vs. Nikolay Davydenko SR1 PTS
Ivo Karlovic vs. Thomas Johansson SR2 PTS
Stanislas Wawrinka vs. Novak Djokovic SR3 PTS

Last day make your PM's special....Same thing again hopefully next year, it has been fun

Saturday Order Of Play

Tommy Haas vs. Ivo Karlovic SR4 PTS
Stanislas Wawrinka vs. Juan Carlos Ferrero SR5 PTS

Janko Tipsarevic vs. Nikolay Davydenko
Paul-Henri Mathieu vs. Michael Berrer
Thomas Johansson vs. James Blake
Novak Djokovic vs. Andreas Seppi

Bah if you don't know what to do by now you're a mug

Friday Order Of Play

Janko Tipsarevic vs. Radek Stepanek
Florent Serra vs. Paul-Henri Mathieu
Philipp Kohlschreiber vs. Michael Berrer
Nikolay Davydenko vs. Igor Andreev
Ivo Karlovic vs. Arnaud Clement
Juan Monaco vs. Tommy Haas
Thomas Johansson vs. Mario Ancic
James Blake vs. Jarkko Nieminen
Feliciano Lopez vs. Stanislas Wawrinka
Ivan Ljubicic vs. Andreas Seppi
Juan Carlos Ferrero vs. Fernando Gonzalez
Novak Djokovic vs. Juan Ignacio Chela

All picks to adeegee!. Please send surnames only, not 1st names (looking in the direction of tennis2006 and Nadie). No SRs today, those will come on Saturday and Sunday

Thursday Order Of Play

Ivo Karlovic vs. Joachim Johansson SR1 PTS
Igor Andreev vs. Marat Safin SR2 PTS

Stanislas Wawrinka vs. David Nalbandian
Stefan Koubek vs. Feliciano Lopez
Jurgen Melzer vs. Juan Ignacio Chela
Novak Djokovic vs. Tomas Zib
Mario Ancic vs. Bjorn Rehnquist
Arnaud Clement vs. Michael Ryderstedt
Peter Luczak vs. Jarkko Nieminen
Michael Llodra vs. Thomas Johansson
James Blake vs. Frank Dancevic
Michael Berrer vs. Mikhail Youzhny
Nikolay Davydenko vs. Nicolas Lapentti
Andy Murray vs. Janko Tipsarevic

All picks to adeegee!. Please send surnames only, not 1st names (very good effort today, keep it up).

Wednesday Order Of Play

Arnaud Clement vs. Max Mirnyi SR3 PTS
Ernest Gulbis vs. Mikhail Youzhny SR4 PTS
Radek Stepanek vs. Dmitry Tursunov SR5 PTS

Robin Haase vs. Andreas Seppi
Jiri Vanek vs. Fernando Gonzalez
Juan Carlos Ferrero vs. Julien Benneteau
Ivan Ljubicic vs. Mardy Fish
Nicolas Mahut vs. Igor Andreev
Andy Murray vs. Evgeni Korolev
Igor Kunitsyn vs. Paul-Henri Mathieu
Philipp Kohlschreiber vs. Marin Cilic
Florent Serra vs. Kristof Vliegen
Vincent Spadea vs. Fernando Verdasco
Peter Luczak vs. Benjamin Becker
Albert Montanes vs. Tommy Haas
Peter Wessels vs. Frank Dancevic
Michael Ryderstedt vs. Kenneth Carlsen
Denis Gremelmayr vs. Michael Llodra
Carlos Berlocq vs. Joachim Johansson
Juan Monaco vs. Filip Prpic

All picks to adeegee!. Please send surnames only, not 1st names (I'm looking especially in the direction of tennis2006 and bavaria100 ). Hopefully the colours are dark enough for all you fussy ones, and the surnames are in lowercase . Any further complaints/suggestions will also be taken on board.

Tuesday Order Of Play

Mardy FISH (USA) vs. Nicolas ALMAGRO (ESP) SR1 PTS
Juan Martin DEL POTRO (ARG) vs. Thomas JOHANSSON (SWE) SR2 PTS
Nikolay DAVYDENKO (RUS) vs. Jo-Wilfried TSONGA (FRA) SR3 PTS

Amer DELIC (USA) vs. Mario ANCIC (CRO)
Olivier ROCHUS (BEL) vs. Tommy HAAS (GER)
James BLAKE (USA) vs. Jonas BJORKMAN (SWE)
Ivo KARLOVIC (CRO) vs. Nicolas MASSU (CHI)
Guillermo CANAS (ARG) vs. Juan Carlos FERRERO (ESP)
Tomas ZIB (CZE) vs. Florian MAYER (GER)
Guillermo GARCIA-LOPEZ (ESP) vs. Juan Igancio CHELA (ARG)
Jurgen MELZER (AUT) vs. Alex PEYA (AUT)
Feliciano LOPEZ (ESP) vs. Werner ESCHAUER (AUT)
Mischa ZVEREV (GER) vs. Dmitry TURSUNOV (RUS)
Sebastien GROSJEAN (FRA) vs. Paul-Henri MATHIEU (FRA)
Fabrice SANTORO (FRA) vs. Nicolas LAPENTTI (ECU)
Michael BERRER (GER) vs. Jose ACASUSO (ARG)
Kristof VLIEGEN (BEL) vs. Viktor TROICKI (SRB)
Marin CILIC (CRO) vs Simone BOLELLI (ITA)

All picks to adeegee!. Please send surnames only, not 1st names and not nationality (also you do not need to write PTS or SR along with your pick. Some of you also seem to have a fascination with changing the surname into lowercase, no need for that I'll give you 1 more chance before I shame you about sending picks incorrectly. Aren't I nice?

Monday Order Of Play

Carlos MOYA (ESP) vs Stefan KOUBEK (AUT) SR4 PTS

Potito STARACE (ITA) vs Florent SERRA (FRA)
Andreas SEPPI (ITA) vs Marcos BAGHDATIS (CYP)
Marc GICQUEL (FRA) vs Stanislas WAWRINKA (SUI)
Tobias KAMKE (GER) vs Jarkko NIEMINEN (FIN)

All picks to yours truly (adeegee!.). Please send surnames only, not 1st names and not nationality. I will personally shame you if you send picks wrong Send exact score for the top 2 matches, and just the winner of the others. Good luck ladies and gents, let's make this a clean fight

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Re: TT Duel -> The Yemok & Biliana Cup - 'Battle Of The Sexes'. Confirm your interest

Adam's Daily TT Commentary

Team Biliana romped through the closing singles matches to seal a famous 28-21 over Team Emo in the first ever Yemok & Biliana Cup. Despite having to endure a couple of scary moments on the final day, it ended up being a comfortable and deserving win for the women against all the odds. True to his word, Team Emo captain Labamba brought in a whole host of stars for the final day, but with several of them underperforming, there was no way back for the men against a united women's team which would have left many women's civil rights movements smiling with pride. When the line-ups were announced, we were left with the mouthwatering possibility of a match between captains savestheday and Labamba to decide the duel, though it ended up being settled considerably earlier.

Needing 9 points to clinch the match, Nadie got Team Biliana off to the perfect start, using her inside information to oust world #1 keqtqiadv who failed to live up to his billing by losing both his singles matches. A_Skywalker and maldini both emerged victorious, but any hopes of a comeback were dashed when Sheva, despite leading his match decided he was in no fit state to play and checked himself back into rehab for depression, giving Alekutza 2 points in the duel, both from walkovers. This loss seemed to deflate the male team, as Chris 84 lost to the wonderful scythe19pro who emerged with an unbeaten record in the duel, and Ria brought the females to within touching distance of the cup with a tight victory over propaganda. soltmann_89 was another to end with an unbeaten record as he crushed LaTenista, but Peta Pan made herself feel truly part of the team, defeating TMJordan who bemoaned the fact that he played like a mug.

Zirconev hit out at his team-mates after winning his match against *julie*, offering his services for the Team Biliana celebration party. The Brasilian, who has a tendancy to change his names quicker than a Britney Spears gets a divorce also hinted that his next name might be a female version as he hopes to be selected on the opposing team next year. Many of the men were all too eager to give their congratulatory kisses to JadrankaHR, and she produced a marvellous display to beat tennis2006. Alonsofz gave the 5th walkover of the duel to the woman as he failed to show for his match against Björki stating an emergency. Nando_L saw off angela, but Alx burst the challenge of balloon to leave Team Biliana needing to win just 1 of the remaining 7 matches.

Snowwy, who despite his lack of confidence in his own game performed remarkably well, ended with 3 wins out of 3 with a comprehensive win over linus who looked like she'd spent the previous evening celebrating the fact she'll be the world #1 in doubles when the new rankings come out on Sunday. Deathless Mortal kept alive hopes of one of the all time great fightbacks, beating bavaria100 but the duel was clinched when Deboogle!. finally repaid her captain's faith in her by seeing off tiptopdaisy to spark scenes of jubiliation as all 19 of her team-mates piled onto the court to loft her in the air. This left the remaining matches being played solely for pride, with wins for Iza, Aimee., and savestheday91 increasing the margin of the victory, and only the model professional that is GustavoM_Fan able to keep his focus and gain another point for Team Emo. After the completion of matches, savestheday91 saluted her heroines, saying "I always had faith in my team even when we were written off. The fact we won proves that in Tennis Tipping, it's quality rather than quantity which is important". Labamba was clearly disappointed, but remained sporting in defeat, praising his opponents instead of criticising his own team, saying "they were amazing all week and fully deserved the win".

With the duel being an enormous success, TT chiefs are looking into the possibility of turning this into a yearly exhibition, an idea which has been backed by a large number of fans. And finally, a word for the 2 people who this duel is in honour of. We all miss you dearly and hope you're in a comfortable place. As you know, it's sometimes not easy for some to keep their composure during TT but it's testimony to how much respect people have for you that the duel was played in this manner. We'd rather have you playing TT but hopefully you're looking down on us and smiling at the good spirit the duel was played in.


Adam's Daily TT Commentary

Team Emo edged the doubles ties 5-4 to bring themselves closer to Team Biliana, but still trail by 4 and will need to win 12 out of the 20 closing singles matches to claim the first ever Yemok & Biliana Cup. Sadly, the day was overshadowed with the latest Tennis Tipping match-fixing scandal, as Tytta!. put in a feeble effort to crash to defeat with her partner Deboogle!. against her "arma gema" keqtqiadv and Nando_L. However, Betfair are refusing to pay out on the result, after a reported $10 million dollars piled in keqtqiadv/Nando_L even when they were well behind in the score. After the match, Tytta!. faced some harsh questions from journalists, but insisted she had done nothing wrong, saying "I have strong feelings for my soul mate, but I would never let down my twin (Deboogle!.), my captain, and the rest of the team. When the lead began to slip, I had flashbacks to a similar situation at the US Open this year, and I simply wasn't able to perform my best. The suggestion I threw the match is ludicrous". This commentator does indeed believe she is innocent, though it is felt the TT board needs to appoint an anti-corruption officer as soon as possible, with Jaap and soon to be retired TT star GeorgeWHitler both possible candidates.

Earlier in the day, savestheday91/scythe19pro (whose name was so long it didn't fit on the scoreboard) looked impressive as they defeated Bulgarian duo A_Skywalker/propaganda to get the girls off to a great start, and Alx/Aimee extended the lead further with a convincing win over tennis2006/balloon who were drafted in at the last minute and couldn't build up much of a partnership. There was a beautiful moment at the end of the match when Olive (Alx's dog) and Sandy (Aimee's dog) leapt onto the court to greet their heroic owners. Much to the amusement of the crowd, the tournament organiser then sent the dogs to bite tennis2006 as a punishment for his ill discipline in arriving at matches during the duel.

Just as the duel seemed to be drifting away from Team Emo at 14-8 down, they fought back strongly. scarecrows/soltmann_89, who built up a close friendship at the recent Mr MTF competition prevailed easily against Ria/Nadie, and Labamba/Sheva produced a performance worthy of their rankings as they ousted Deea/Alekutza. The match was seen as something of a present vs. past clash, with Labamba/Sheva currently sitting at numbers 1 and 3 in the world rankings, and Deea/Alekutza both former top 10 players but now well down the rankings. Sheva looked fresh and glad to be back on court after his short spell in rehab, and they were far too strong for the Romanian team who despite still wooing the men in the crowd with their looks, are unable to do the same with their performances these days.

The comeback was in full swing when Foosimoo/Snowwy and Deathless Mortal/Chris 84 both came away with comprehensive victories against Björki/bavaria100 and angela/linus respectively. The form of linus has come under particular scrutiny after 2 heavy defeats, with some observers believing she is putting in a lack of effort as her current partner is the captain of the opposing team. The rot was stopped when LaTenista/*Julie* ground out a crucial point for the girls with a tight victory over maldini/GustavoM_Fan. The Argie was much at fault for the loss, and is seemingly too caught up with his current activity of trying to "free diego36arg", even playing his match with a t-shirt saying "diego36arg is innocent" on the back. However, anything that takes his mind off his arguments with FiBeR and tie break rules is fine with this commentator.

Fergie/Iza's triumph brought the state of play back to when the day began with a resounding success over TMJordan/tiptopdaisy, who considering they requested to be paired together looked an absolute mess. However, the day ended with a bitter taste after the shock collapse of Tytta!./Deboogle!. who after building up a huge lead, played with the tactical nous of Fernando Gonzalez as their Brasilian opponents fought back from the dead to claim a point which when we look back at the tie on Sunday, may be seen as the turning point in the duel.


Adam's Daily TT Commentary

Team Emo captain Labamba was left to regret his decision to "rest" several of his star players as Team Biliana, organised superbly by 'captain marvel' savestheday91 surged into a 12-8 lead after the opening singles matches of the Yemok & Biliana Cup. Having opted to pack his squad with youth, it looked halfway through the day as if Labamba had blown the duel even at this early stage. However, much to his relief the men mounted a spirited fightback towards the end of the day to close the gap and remain very much in the contest. Surprisingly, it was a number of his rookies who saved him, as the few experienced TT players he had called upon all struggled with the burden of leading from the front.

Team Biliana got off to the best possible start, with scythe19pro edging scarecrows in a classic encounter between 2 legends of the game. The win was made all the more remarkable when the Romanian revealed after the match that she was extremely dissatisfied with the green coloured court being used for the duel, claiming it was almost impossible to see the ball. GustavoM_Fan got the first point on the board for the men’s team, despite accusations that he should be playing on the opposite side. Many Tennis Tippers inside the locker room have suggested that judging by the amount of whining and bitching he does, he must in fact be a woman. However, the men are grateful to have him on their team and with matches being played in the extended format with more games, thus making a tie break unlikely, GustavoM_Fan will be a tough player to beat at this duel.

Performance of the day was undoubtedly from maldini, who grew gasps from the crowd as he produced an unbelievable string of winners to destroy Björki. Tytta!. was handed a walkover victory, as tennisfancroatia opted to fly to Vienna to swear at Florian Mayer rather than play his match. World #1 keqtqiadv was deemed "undroppable" by his captain, though he seemed fatigued from his recent good form as he crashed to *julie*. Having fallen behind early on, the Brasilian fought back like a true champion, but didn't have quite enough left in the tank and began to cramp towards the end. Unfortunately for keqtqiadv, both his wives (scythe19pro and Tytta!.) are competing in the opposite team, and with their fierce loyalty to the women's team, refused to come to his aid as he slid to a painful defeat. Team Biliana were handed a 2nd walkover of the day as Sheva, still distraught from his TT split from savestheday91 decided to check himself into a rehab centre for depression, giving Alekutza the chance to sit back and support her team mates. Zirconev hit out at team mate scarecrows after he blew a golden opportunity to defeat Ria, claiming he was being heckled for his inability to close the match out when the pressure was on, and Fergie completed a run of 5 straight wins as she saw off fellow Chilean albop.

tiptopdaisy stopped the rot for the men as he put one over on female captain savestheday91 after being drafted in at the last minute to replace Scala (who had fled the country in fear when he was informed of the outstanding record of savestheday91 against French players). It was a strange match, with the Serb resigning herself to defeat even before the match was mathematically over, though she deemed herself happy with her days work, saying "there is no 'i' in team. Defeating my old foe Labamba in the duel and taking the world doubles #1 spot off him in the same week will give me great pleasure". TMJordan and soltmann_89 raised hopes of a fightback from Team Emo, as they saw off doubles specialists Deboogle!. and Deea respectively. Nadie handed ExcaliburII his ass on a plate with a convincing triumph in a match which was overshadowed when the Argentinian spat in the direction of team captain Labamba on his way off court, blaming the Finn for his loss due to a "lack of support". JM-Del-Potro was next to step onto court, but spent too much time calming down his compatriot ExcaliburII and ended up facing a mountain that not even experienced mountaineer Marat Safin could cimb as Iza cruised through with the aid of the head start.

Labamba, still rattled from the shock attack, slumped to a poor loss to LaTenista as he faced a growing number of questions about his team selection, with many journalists calling him 'Larafa' after Rafa Benitez for his unnecessary amount of tinkering with the team. tennis2006, who still seems to be stuck in the 2006 method of TT scoring overcame Aimee!. who despite lacking in experience is one to look out for in 2008 as this column expects her to bolt into the top 50. Peta Pan, seemingly refreshed from a 2 month sabbatical from the game, performed like she'd never gone away as she produced the best performance of all the women to defeat Kielian in a high quality tussle. As spectators began leaving after a long day, Alx edged out last weeks Tokyo champion M.C. in an unbelievably close match, both players matching each other shot for shot until Alx squeezed through. bavaria100 eased past [adidas] who may have to change his name when his current sponsorship deal expires at the end of the year, and balloon crushed linus who put in a lazy performance for one rated so highly. To complete procedings, Snowwy, who had commented before the duel began that the women's line-up was so poor that he barely recognised half the squad was almost made to eat his words as JadrankaHR ran him close, but the Canadian who recently married his long term sweetheart Ana Ivanovic got a crucial 8th point on the board for the men.

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Re: TT Duel -> The Yemok & Biliana Cup - 'Battle Of The Sexes'. Confirm your interest

I'm in

hopefully chosen from Captain Ville

Originally Posted by FormerRafaFan View Post
That will be the last victory of Rafa for quite some time.. With his joke mentality and pathetic game, I hope the disgusting player loses every single match next season. He's disgraceful. He should just retire. He's a joke.
Originally Posted by l_mac View Post
(10) Corey Feldman vs. (12) scarecrows
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Re: TT Duel -> The Yemok & Biliana Cup - 'Battle Of The Sexes'. Confirm your interest

I'm in

Originally Posted by Nikki♥ View Post
Claudio is just too cute. No woman can resist him.
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Re: TT Duel -> The Yemok & Biliana Cup - 'Battle Of The Sexes'. Confirm your interest


Gustavo Marcaccio David Nalbandian Jo-Jo Tsonga Marcos Baghdatis

Originally Posted by kostas kastoria View Post
HELlas ole ole
thanks felip for your help.i m priciate u friend
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Re: TT Duel -> The Yemok & Biliana Cup - 'Battle Of The Sexes'. Confirm your interest

In, I'd like to play here.

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Re: TT Duel -> The Yemok & Biliana Cup - 'Battle Of The Sexes'. Confirm your interest

I am very excited to lead the ladies to a victory I am sure we will have an inspired and extremely qualified team. I have some ideas of who I hope will want to participate and we will be VERY tough to beat.

Mark my words

Troicki - Djokovic - Del Potro - Kyrgios - Berankis
Cibulkova - Robson - Kirilenko - Azarenka
Retired but always loving Ferrero - Ancic - Kiefer

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Re: TT Duel -> The Yemok & Biliana Cup - 'Battle Of The Sexes'. Confirm your interest

captain reporting

Everybody wanting to play here will get to take part (singles/doubles), I'll try to be as fair as possible

Hopefully we can get many girls involved here too...
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Re: TT Duel -> The Yemok & Biliana Cup - 'Battle Of The Sexes'. Confirm your interest

I would like to play, in loving memory of Yemok and Biliana.

I would even play on the girls team if need be.

Originally Posted by jcempire View Post

FUck Fuck

Idiot Idiot


you shit Isner

I hate you
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Re: TT Duel -> The Yemok & Biliana Cup - 'Battle Of The Sexes'. Confirm your interest

Originally Posted by GustavoM_Fan View Post
No here
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Re: TT Duel -> The Yemok & Biliana Cup - 'Battle Of The Sexes'. Confirm your interest

Originally Posted by savestheday91 View Post
I am very excited to lead the ladies to a victory I am sure we will have an inspired and extremely qualified team. I have some ideas of who I hope will want to participate and we will be VERY tough to beat.

Mark my words
I don't expect nothing less from you, but Team Emo will be ready for the challenge
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Re: TT Duel -> The Yemok & Biliana Cup - 'Battle Of The Sexes'. Confirm your interest

Originally Posted by Labamba View Post
No here

Felipe you've been warned. This thread is in memory of Emo & Biliana, so everyone who decide to post in here may be respectful in every word you say, right? Annoying words should be left for another thread and them should not be tolerated here, PLEASE BEHAVE

Supporting Joachim "Pim-Pim" Johansson
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