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Re: Flmmkrz 1k to 5 k thread

omg, bring on the football and hockey season already tennis is kickin my ass over the last month.

266.72 + 195 thankfully hewitt retired

hrbaty bricked and haas lost as well.


gotta get this back on track

sharapova x serena x redsox x 361.72 : returns 361.72 + 274.91

the first 2 both get players they should easily handle and the sox are on a terrible losing streak and if they dont turn it around it could cost them a playoff run. Schills on the mount, they've lost 2 to kc of all teams and get kc again. They cant let another slip especially not with Schill up.

Nadal 2 sets to 1 winner x 1 unit: returns 100 + 333.30

RIP Luc Bourdon
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