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Re: Igor Kunitsyn

Originally Posted by xpress0h
finally, an Igor Kunitsyn thread/forum.. type thing.. yeah. I'm new here buuuut I figured I might as well start my posting here. Anyway, I got to ballkid for Igor when he was playing in LA, a couple of weeks ago and he was such a doll! During one of the changeovers, it took me awhile to open the umbrella cause.. well I feel pretty dumb saying this but I didn't know how to open it. The umbrellas they used during qualies were different so it took me awhile to figure the new ones out. And by the time I did get it open, it was like.. a minute already and mind you, it was very verrry hot and sunny. It was pretty embarrassing but Igor didn't really mind and wasn't like a snob about it.. unlike Clement. But anyway, after he and Dmitry practiced this one time, Igor signed some autographs and took some pictures and left cause not too many people bothered him or knew who he was... totally not the case with Dmitry. He was swarmed by all these girls, it was pretty funny though cause Dima would actually stay and talk to all of them. I'm sure he enjoyed the attention, lol. Okay back to Igor. Sooo seeing him leaving, I rushed over to him and managed to have a small conversation with him about his next tournament. Either it was me or he's pretty shy. And then later on, when he and Dmitry were heading to their ride, me and my friends were walking to our car too. And since I didn't really want to seem stalkerish, I didn't bug them until they absolutely were going to go. So right before Igor got into the car, I turned around and waved very.. retardedly-looking and said "bye Igor!" And dude, holy crap. He winked at me and smiled and said good bye. I totally melted and became a fan for life. Too bad he's married
thanks for the info and welcome to the forums!

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