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Re: The Changing of the Guard

Originally Posted by Rosie
Great thread Sue - of course we'll be kind! Personally - I agree with your commentators - so many players just seem to blame their coaches when things go wrong instead of being mature and adult enough to blame themselves. It's called shifting responsibility instead of facing up to their own shortcomings - and I hate it The South Americans are renowned for it - though as others have said it's true that other players do it to - Marat being the obvious example..

Of course, sometimes personalities just do clash and they're better apart - though certainly in the case of the close-knit Argentine tennis community you would think they would know that before hiring someone and then changing their mind after a few months But - half the time in my opinion it's just because the players aren't grown up enough to see that most of the fault for bad losses is their own - not their coaches! After all-no matter how hard a coach works he can't be out on the court playing a match can he - if a player messes it up, - it is down to him - so why blame someone else!? A lot of fans are bad in that regard too - if their favourite loses it is easy to bame the poor coach and call for his sacking instead of accepting their player is not quite the little they would like him to be!

Btw - GWH - how could you forget the lovely Gaby Markus in your list of Coria's coaches? Mind you - he only lasted a couple of months so maybe it isn't worth remembering

Why did Markus get canned? I remember him from his playing days. Cute guy.

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