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Re: Top spin serve footwork

Originally Posted by manic dominator
Thanks, but do I need to change my footwork at all because I am having trouble. I am able to put the topspin on the serve, but if I really go for the serve I just hit slice serve instead of a heavy topspin serve. My back foot is about 5 degrees angle behind my front foot. I then bring my back foot next to my front foot and bed my legs. I then accelerate upwards ino the ball. My first serve is powerful but do I need to change my footwork tobe able to hit the kick serve?
I cant think of how to tell you to use your feet without seeing this live in action, but your left foot is in front of the right foot (obviously), my front foot tends to be angles more laterally to the baseline while my rear foot is angled more away from the line, the two feet are 'shoulders width' apart ......

(This probably isn't helping)

It is not so much as acclerating upwards, but more 'up and into' or forward into the ball and moreso important than your placement of your feet, is the placement of the ball during the toss and when making contact.

My 1st serve smokes (about 110mph to 115mph) and has the same footwork as my 2nd serve (the Kick); I cannot think of anythign I do differenty there.


What problem are you having with your serve exactly ? A lack of topspin ? This would not be due to footwork moreso than how you are attacking the ball with the racquest.

It is a serve that will require practice (Since you have just learned it). Just keep doing it as explained above, and suddenly you'll see it start to drop in with great regularity. The kick is not designed to be a fast serve more than it is a safe serve.

Hope this helps


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