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Re: Did Andy and Mandy break up!?! break not broke...damn it!!

I'll bet this was celia-the-Aniston-stalker's post in that gossip blog:

OK is clear that no one here follows tennis. And that's ok. I understand. It's not the most popular sport out there, etc. But for this reason you have to listen up: Andy Roddick is NOT a "nice" guy. He is an obnoxious whining little prick. Everyone on the tour despises him, the poor court attendants and refs have to be silent while he verbally attacks them regularly, and his very bad loser, "poor me" attitude is taking its toll. Thank GOD he fell from grace and out of the top ten. I cannot stand this kid. Stay away from his crap, Mandy. You got smart once. Try to remember why you dumped him the first time. AND what he said to the press about you afterwards.

Congrats to Andy Roddick, 2017 Hall of Fame!

"I beat him the last time. He's lucky I retired." — Andy Roddick on RF

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