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Re: My shots.

Originally Posted by GTR

That was exactly my point. Even a 13 year old 1.6 and 45kg is very lite, approaching underweight I should think. I wouldn’t have replied without reading your vital stats anyway, so don’t worry. Although it’s lucky you did post your height/age because if you were about 1.70 and 45kg there is something seriously wrong. I still don’t believe your post anyway, seems a very familiar style and type of jokes.
I'll tell you, I'm not even 1.6meters yet. Almost, I'm about 158 or 9 I suppose and I'm not the huge type of guy who has hit puberty early. And i've been to a doctor since breaking my left arm, and 45 kg for my age and weight is pretty average. The doc said under 40kg is a problem and said I'm alright.

Back to the topic, I can serve a hella fast for my age and size, it might be hard for you to believe but I am seriously not joking or being sarcastic, I am being 100% honest. I have very good technique in my serve, with a fast arm and use all parts of my body to serve with, my legs, torso,... well you get the point. My serve is very fluent and I spend hours on a brick wall just serving. My serve is my weapon and it is seriously fast, along with my forehand.

If you want more info, I use a wilson ncode nsix one tour 90 inch head, 340grams and it's pretty heavy compared to most racquets which are mostly around the 250-300 gram range. My serve is like a gift to me without really a coach guiding me through and I'm proud of it whether you like it or not. I stil think you don't believe me,... well I don't give a damn since I'd be concentrating on my game now. I have a lot of knowledge on my game in every stroke and I hope to become a professional tennis player since I've won countless or tournaments, *not competitions.
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