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Re: Basic - Long Lasting Strings? (Newbie Advice Please)

Originally Posted by jole
If you are playing competitively and want a durable string something like polyester, or a hybrid combo of polyester and standard synthetic gut is a pretty good option.

However, if you are playing very recreational and you basically literally never break strings I'd just buy Prince Synthetic Gut (with Duraflex works) 16 or 17. It's a very standard, solid, widely available, and fairly cheap string. I'd string it at around 55 or 56 lbs. if you want something in the middle and don't play competitively. Obviously lower is more power, higher is more control.
Hey guys, thanks for the info. Is polyester quite expensive?

Anyway I managed to find a store that would restring it for me, and took my racket in. They only had a small selection of strings (but seeing as I am no longer a member of a club, I couldnt find someone like that do it). I managed to get rab texflex synthetic gut strings, and I got them to string it at 60lbs.

As for me playing, I dont really play that often. I mean I play a few times a week during the dry months, and my old nylon strings must have lasted 4 years + Hopefully these strings last a long time because I dont play alot, and I dont hit with alot of spin or power

Anyway I think it will be nice to maybe play with those synthetic gut strings even if they arent great ones (all I could get), I had a look and it says pernfors used them
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