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Re: Egypt vs Cyprus Europe/Afica zone II playoffs

Ok im uploading pics now..

I have a short report for the day they left though and u might like it..
After they won, they were leaving the club and i was looking for christopher and marcos and the rest of them to say goodbye. I didnt catch marcos but i cought chriss and we said goodbye and he told me they were to leave the next day at 2 or 3 pm so if i wanted to pass y the hotel, i could. So Me and hana went the next day and Marcos was sitting in the lobby on the phone and he smiled and waved. the rest had just finished breakfast so chris came and talked to us and marcos as well when he finished talkng on the phone (camille i bet ) He asked us y we were cheering for cyprus and my friend said shes british (she really is) and i said the lamest thing "i hate to see marcos lose!" He said thank u thank u. Sitting in the lobby, they asked us a few questions about egypt and the good places to visit and stuff like that. I asked them about Cyprus and chris is also form Limassol and theyve been best friends for ages. For some reason he asked if i could peak french and i said i could understand but i was too shy to ask if he spoke to camille in french or what (can somone verify?). us random questions like that! I was in a hurry and so were they so tha was the end of it I wont complain that the left, i'll take the good memories and save them until egypt plays cyprus again!haha! I said goodbye and c u in madrid and he said hopefully i wont be injured. So thats Marcos. As nice as we all think he is

Piks-Terrible quality i know! Theyre not worth it but i just uploaded them anyway

After they won....



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