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Basic - Long Lasting Strings? (Newbie Advice Please)

Hey I had a chat with ae woww about my situation. I dont play competitively, so I dont need top quality strings. He reccomended me synthetic gut, and I believe a tension of 55/80 (can't remember exactly, so thats why I am posting here). I dont know anything about the tensions to be honest. Anyway I am looking for a generic tension, not too tight or loose. Suggestions on the tension I should use? Not looking for a focus of power or control (but looking for a balance in-between).

As for the strings I just want ones that will last. I mean I managed to use the crappy nylon ones supplied with my racket for two years, but I knew it was on its way out and tonight the string went. So is synthetic gut the way to go?

Thanks guys. Gonna ring up a few clubs/stores tomorrow, so need to ask what they have and what they can do etc (so wanted to get some knowledge beforehand).

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