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Re: Egypt vs Cyprus Europe/Afica zone II playoffs

Mandoura I thought ud find it offensive or something. Nevermind...I was trying to sa it in nice4r words but who cares

Todays report baghy fans!!
Better than yesterday! Arrived at 12 to the courts but tere was no practise until 4. So me and my friend went to a mall(coz we live far away from the club so we couldnt go back home) and got some cheering gear. She did a poster and we wore big yellow hats ang got mop ends to use as pom poms :P
We went back to the club and we were coloring aour posters as The cyprus team walked in! Marcos took a look and said oh nice and a thumbs up
Baggy won his first match in straight sets but his brother lost the next match but we were still cheering him on. Every five minutes marcos and christopher gave us a thumbs up and smiled! Ater the match, marcos ran to the locker room as about 150 kids followed him shpouting marcos marcos!! He finally got in and his brother came out to me and my friend and asked us if we wanted anything signed and we gave him out poster and he ligned ' i love u too' The poster said i love baggy. Then we froze for and hour!

After their victory, they brought out a big cake and the egyptian coach was giving a speech that no one listened too because all the kids wanted an autograph from marcos and his brother. All i heard from the speech was thank you!! It was strange that marcos didnt give a speech. They congratulated the egyptian players who were playing well and again marcos was bombarded with a wave of kids as he went back to the hotel. I sneekily followed them to the hotel but they didnt see me

Mandoura i didnt see u! I only saw ur sister dina. It was great today
Dimitra i asked the cameraman what he was filming and its a documentry on marcos so i hope i can get my hand on it when its released.



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