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Re: Schaffa isch a Gschäft, Spätzli and French gnomes in Schtuagerd Cheering thread

Well, that match has been heartbreaking and not only because it was 2 guys that I really like. Anyway, I was sitting right behind the umpire chair, 4th row. So I could hear a lot all that was said. And, as Reiko already told you, it was a day when nothing goes the way you want.

The 1st set has been pretty tight. The 2 guys were playing hard and actually, it was hard to tell who'd break the other first. They all got breakpoints. But Mariano has been the 1st to convert one. Gaston kept on struggling, but just couldn't prevent Mariano from taking the 1st set. then, came the arguments with the umpire. About the footfaults first. Gaston asked if the linesman could be changed because he was obviously not making footfaults. I have to say he was wrong. I saw him and the call has always been justified. As the umpire said he couldn't, Gaston just told him, "ok, so just check yourself". To which the umpire answered he couldn't. So you can imagine that our guy just got frustrated.
Then, after he got broken in the very 1st game, there's been that warning for coaching. Gaston just exploded. I can't say if the warning was justified, because I was too far from the VIP stand. But, what Gaston told the umpire, and especially how he told him, deserved a warning. He simply shouted at him. That's what he said "who the hell told you that I had no right to talk? You, shut up!!" And he repeated several times, "you, shut up".

After that, Mariano kept on playing his game, and he played great. Our guy just lost ground. The mind took the lead and we all know how it happens to him. But there is no injury involved, no worry about that.

Best of LUCK to ALL my Faves in 2015
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