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Re: Federer is going to play Miami. (from post-match interview)

Damn, i am wondering who can actually beat federer in miami.

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A change of the guard is coming. From the old guard to the older guard.
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Q: Roger we have seen you earlier in Miami talking to a woman with no pants , what does it mean to you ?

A: well , it means a lot to me obviously .. you know .. to see this dedication from my fans , and as a professional attacking tennis player , I know it was a pretty difficult situation after 6 months of absence, but you have to keep being positive whatever happens , ya know .. talking my way .. not HER way , and who knows .. I may be able to be #1 again and smack that ass
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Rogi was shit, this court is shit, the roof is shit, the tournament is now shit, the draw is shit, the fans are shit. Youzhny was good. Then shit.
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