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Re: Official Alex Bogomolov Cheering Thread

Originally Posted by Fee
Of course you meant something by it. In that entire article you chose to highlight a particular sentence that was actually relatively insignificant, and now you tell us that was the important part of the story? Since it wasn't highlighted in the original article, you might just want to leave the story as it was and let us decide which parts we like best or which parts we think are the most important.

What exactly do you think that I am jealous of? Your ability to change font colors when you post? We can all do that, MTF has made it quite simple for us.
Fee, my friend, yes you're jelaous, is okay, you are aloud to be infatuated, if you don't like it you got to take your beef with the writer, Ashley Harkleroad and Alex Bogomolov Jr. when their careers reach the end of their arc, they hope to have children.
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