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Re: Will Gaston make it to Wimbledon this year?

Thanks for your report, Rosie! Guess you had a fruitfull day at SW19.

Originally Posted by Rosie
He was 5-1 up very quickly - helped, I have to say, by Faurel being really tense and nervous playing a seed at Wimbledon - he couldn't do a thing right for the first few games.
"Halo effect" - benefit of being highly-ranked... Make the most of it while it lasts!

Originally Posted by Rosie
Gastón looked pretty good in his all-white ensemble with matching bandana He did seem a bit like a "fish out of water" out on Court 4 though - he didn't seem to be comfortable or happy out there - even though there was no reason for him not to be - all in the mind I think - he hates grass so he refuses to enjoy himself out there
Well, at least he had you there, though not for the whole match; it should have encouraged him...

If Gaston wins the roller-coaster Labadze and if the opponent is our national no.1 (or 2?) Van Gemmerden, I will be able to watch the game on Dutch TV! Well, Fish seems to be "in water" again, though....

OK, Gaston's R2 match begins in a while. Vamos, Gaston @ grass!

16:47 (pm) Almost forgot that this Labadze was once a losing finalist at Wimbledon....

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