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Re: Will Gaston make it to Wimbledon this year?

Hola guys Well I'm almost ashamed to tell you this - I only watched this match til 5-5 in the first - and then I had to switch courts for David Ferrer - I know Elea will understand why I was hoping for longer with Gastón, but the girl in the WTA match before Ferrer's got injured and had to retire in the first set - so everything changed rapidly.

Anyway - from what I saw - Gastón came out and was on fire! His backhand was working well and, to me, he seemed to be moving well on the horrid, slippery grass. He was 5-1 up very quickly - helped, I have to say, by Faurel being really tense and nervous playing a seed at Wimbledon - he couldn't do a thing right for the first few games. But after that he seemed to lose his inhibitions a bit and relax, he began to come to the net, and to chip and charge more, and that's when Gastón lost all those games in succession to end up back at 5-5. Also - at 5-3 a girl fainted quite close to me in the front row - and that definately upset Gastón's concentration with all the First Aid people arriving etc, though, of course, it was the same for Faurel too.

Gastón looked pretty good in his all-white ensemble with matching bandana He did seem a bit like a "fish out of water" out on Court 4 though - he didn't seem to be comfortable or happy out there - even though there was no reason for him not to be - all in the mind I think - he hates grass so he refuses to enjoy himself out there He seemed a little "sulky" because the crowd were supporting Faurel and not him - but that's typical of us Brits to support the underdog - Faurel was being thrashed and then pulled back - of course the uncommitted Brits were cheering for him - plus there are a hell of a lot more French people in London than there are Argentines! One thing I noticed - seems Franco isn't here - only the usual Fitness Trainer - I guess he has given him a couple of weeks off because as he doesn't think he'll get far enough to need a coach here.

Anyway - at 5-5 I had to go and I followed the rest of the score from a scoreboard above the court - hope you are not too disappointed in me.


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