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Re: Join our blogging team!

Originally Posted by ~*Carlita*~
All the entries in the forum are, are links TO the blog..... What if you just put a (sticky if you like) locked topic in each of the player's forums with a link to their particular blog. That way, it will all look less chaotic.
Because we want to highlight the work of those who publish work on our fan network This means posting a link to every blog entry....

also if there are 50 entries in a blog..... that's also "so many pages to search through" so it could be the same as one of the topics.....
50 threads is hardly the same as scrolling through hundreds of pages with articles littered among non-articles also posted in the thread.

Also, say I'm not from here...I like Verdasco.... I open the Verdasco Forum.... I look at the topics.... think: oooh a blog! (not very likely in my case, but okay ) I open it, see the link to the blog, click to enter the blog! Voila! It's not like the messages are in the topic in the player forum. It's just a link to... And if someone thinks the blog is worth the time and energy, he/she can bookmark it, subscribe to it or will know where to find the link to the blog. I take it all the entries go into one and the same blog?
I've explained the situation repeatedly. This is the route we've elected to take at this point, but your concern has been duly noted. As I said, once the technology evolves we'll look for other ways to do this better. We're always listening to feedback. I can promise you the way we're doing it now is ten times better than the original implementation on WTAworld. I guarantee, had we launched the ATP blogs the sametime as WTA, you would be celebrating the change we've made to the original implementation where blog entries were swamping the fan forums. I'm sure we'll continue to refine and make improvements in the future.

And us posting in the blog as well... hmmm....sorry but I don't feel like posting everything 2-3 times....
That's entirely reasonable and obviously how many people will feel. From our experience on WTAworld, there are people love being part of an independent publishing team building a site dedicated to their favorite player(s); helping to promote a subject they are passionate about in a positive way the mainstream media just doesn't do. Let's face it, unless you're in the top 5-6 you hardly get any press coverage at all unless you happen to be playing (beating or losing) to one of the top players. The power of independent publishing, internet and blogging is changing that. Whole networks are coming together to promote the work of others and rival the mainstream media in a way that has never been seen before. And we're excited to try to be part of this new independent movement in as far as professional tennis is concerned.
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