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Originally Posted by BlakeJamitis
Gael looks very much like a black american - dress, emotion, everything
GaŽl looks very much like a Parisian banlieusard - dress, way of talking (Parisian Banlieusard slang is very characteristic) and behaving, centers of interest, everything

Color or American influence have little to do with it even if the latter can't be denied but like in every part of the world globalization pretty much = Americanization and it shows in people's habits...
Banlieusards who are white, Asian, blacks, of North-Arican origin, Arabs or non-Arabs as Kabyles/BerbŤres, of whatever religion or agnostics, atheists, "seculars" like the majority etc.... Their characteristic is to be Banlieusards, that's what defines them first. It's first a differenciation based on social and local criteria. That's what they'll all tell you.
There is a strong localism (this phenomenon where you feel those living in another town no matter how near it is are already foreigners/strangers...) in the Banlieues phenomenon. When you come from the '9-3', you 'hate' this town and those people and this way of talking and this and that, and a black can 'hate' another black for such a stupid reason because of that and be ready to 'fight to death' to protect an 'Arab' because this one comes from the same citť as him...etc...Understanding all that is a big step in understanding today's French society.

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