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Re: Sorry players' interviews. Death of Tennis Mourning Thread.

Ancic couldn't hold a 3-0 lead on clay, and barely beat other players.
But Dear Pat has so much respect for Ancic's "GODLY BACKHAND". LMAO
He saw Andy's scared face at Wimbledon and automatically, the ESPN jerks called
Federer the best terminator of backhandless huge servers. Was it the backhand
and variety that Safin, Nalbandian, Agassi and Henman depended on to beat Federer?
In 3 years, they either let up or were too weak or sick to play at 80% effort.

I don't recall huge backhands when Andy beat Federer, then choked
in the 2004 Wimbledon final and injured himself in Cincinnati.
The other times, Andy was a physical mess or didn't show up for competition.
It's not supposed to be a rivalry, according to a bored Andy.
But everyone says Nadal is an equal rival to Federer on clay and hardcourt.

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