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Re: Andyfan, why?

Even when he won the 5 titles in 2003 with Gilbert, Andy was
getting complacent and lazy with the serve and macho, arrogant negative

Andy can see that he has to get stronger and more
match tough. No one cares except the fans.
He should be winning 8-11 titles a year with great fitness and
real scheduling. The competition level in the 2000s is crap compared to the 1980s and early 1990s. They're using better rackets and only 2 players can save match points and win more than 3 titles? Andy is so weak, he can't even win 5 straight matches. It's not what a counselor can correct for him.

-Andy has no one worth practicing with.
This created disasters for 3 years.
Everyone got fitter and Andy got out of shape and couldn't stand with balance.
He pretends he's tries his best, but he doesn't. His face and body language can't hide
the anguish in his eyes and careless serving/immature clapping + talking.
Fans have to realize this.
The brother and mother admitted they let him do everything on court.
They say the usual "things are improving" garbage.

-Andy can be a drama queen to explain away his losses to Federer, Agassi, Hewitt, etc.

-No one told him to stop overreacting to wins over the top players.
He couldn't admit things weren't turning around in the perfect direction
even with the win over Hewitt. He certainly didn't care too much in Australia and Indian Wells. Andy WOULD HAVE trophies from 2001 USO, 2004 Wimbledon
and 2005 Australian Open, but he DID not try that hard.

-He had very poor flexibility and pretended his ball bashing and personality WOULD somehow GIVE HIM EFFECTIVE SERVES. Instead of working on it, he sat back and relaxed.

Example: he knew he could beat Safin, but only cared about serving hard
in the 2004 Australian Open quarterfinal.
The trouble started when Brad Gilbert sat back and told Andy how wonderful it was to serve risky 155-160 mph. Andy stopped working on
his serve placement, eating habit and fitness (October 2003).
The Roddicks pressed him to do more media and charity work.
The passion for work ended ever since October 2003, when he showed up with no
footwork or serve in Madrid.

Sad predicament. Wait 10 years for another Slam champion.

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