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Re: The "when I said 'healthy' I meant mental health too" Queens thread

Originally Posted by debra ¡|:!
but at least federer doesn't seem to go out there with a defeatist attitude and start getting negative only a few minutes into t he match. Plus it's not quite the same considering Andy has OWNED James for their entire professional careers. It'd be, IMO, a lot more understandable if Roger was out there completely lost against rafa and didn't quite know what to do and got frustrated easily. But imagine if Roger went out there against someone he owned and looked like that. That's how it was with Andy and that's why I don't get why his attitude and gameplan were so poor the other day. It's not that he had a gameplan and for whatever reason was having trouble executing it, he looked like he had NO gameplan and no clue what to do out there.
I was commenting more about knowing what to do and actually going there and doing it. I was pointing out that even the #1 player has trouble with that against certain players so we should cut Andy some slack. It is obvious that Andy needs to strategize more on court and that will come only if he believes that he has to win no matter what. Once that belief is back, he will think more on court when things are not going his way. I know, it is easier said than done but he needs to get back his killer instinct.

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