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Hi, here's my intro

Hi, my name is Chris. I am a fan of both Federer & Nadal (so the last four years have been mostly tennis heaven... as you can guess)

I love tennis - have done ever since I was a kid in the golden era of Edberg, Becker, & the Graf-Seles rivalry of the early 1990's - which IMO was the last great tennis rivalry before Federer-Nadal.

I also like Hewitt's counter-punching style of play, Safin (especially after his performance in Rd2), and Muster (the original left-handed King of Clay).

All these players I mentioned above represent the true pinnacle of tennis because not only do they have charisma and compelling games, they also never had to be built-up by the media (unlike the 'djoker', or a girl called 'Maria', or the silly Nike ads of Sampras & Agassi playing tennis on the street (if there was such a great rivalry between them why did they have to advertise it so much? And why do we remember the ad rather than the matches? and if that era was so good for tennis why is Wimbledon still trying to slow down the courts half a decade after Sampras retired ...? )

But I'd better leave my rant for my second post. I wouldn't want to offend all the sampras fans on my first post, right?

In any case, I think anyone who bothers to read this intro (does anyone read intros?) has already got a fair idea of my views: ie the current Federer-Nadal era is like the brief return of a lost golden summer after a long and barren winter. I say 'brief' because already there are worrying signs of a change in the air. A cold wind from the east claimed Federer earlier this year (with glandular fever). The dark days could be just around the corner again.

I don't want to sound all doom and gloom, but...

I must admit I am primarily here because the Times newspaper 'banned' (read selectively displayed) my posts on the Federer-Nadal Conspiracy Theory (what were they afraid of?). This theory, which I openly proclaim to be just a conspiracy theory (and so should not be a threat to anyone), was however the only one to predict the slump in both Federer's and Nadal's form earlier this year. I will explain this theory in detail in a later post (basically it postulates the existence of a malicious and clever group of people known as djeerks (though I have also seen this spelt as dyeerks) who control the media and are trying to dumb down tennis in order to further their control over the whole world). Sounds crazy? Well, just wait 'til you hear the rest of it!

Anyway I don't want to get bogged down in a Conspiracy Theory in my first post so returning to the purpose of this intro: a big hello to everyone. I mean it. Everyone. No matter how awful I am to some of you after this, I want to give you all a big on this first occasion.
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Re: Hi, here's my intro


And I'd love to hear more of that conspiracy theory, heh!
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Re: Hi, here's my intro

Originally Posted by 00923 View Post

And I'd love to hear more of that conspiracy theory, heh!

But someone beat me to it by putting up a conspiracy thread on GM! It was deleted though - I don't know why. Maybe someone misbehaved?

Are we allowed to discuss anything we want on this forum ( related to tennis) ? i don't want to put the effort into making a thread and then get everything deleted just because someone decides to provoke, or disrupt the thread. That would be a complete waste of time. Although of course it would also make my point for me - very quickly - if a few djeerks turned up and tried to disrupt any serious discussion
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Re: Hi, here's my intro

Well, I'm new around these parts, so I'm not the one to ask. I'm sure some sub-forum would fit, maybe even General Messages. Ask a mod?

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Re: Hi, here's my intro

Surprise surprise! It appears my thread has been deleted - even before I had a chance to give away any tp secrets. Never mind! Will do it here.

Vitamin K - the only vitamin to be placed on prescription in the UK - check it out by asking your local pharmacist if you don't believe me!

The official excuse for placing it on prescription is that an overdose can lead to formation of blood clots.

The real reason, never mentioned, is that it helps myelination of nerves. See the following article:


by Carrie et al., 2004

the derivative of Vitamin K2 is also a major vitamin in your brain.

Nerves that are protected by a thick layer of insulating myelin are less vulnerable to tp!

It is absolutely essential if you are playing strenuous tennis to increase vit k intake - because although the body preferentially takes fat from adipose tissue, it can reduce myelin stores when it is placed under stress.

.................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ..............................

abstract from above article:

"Studies with animals support a role for vitamin K in the biosynthesis of sphingolipids, a class of complex lipids present in high concentrations in the brain. In mice and rats, Vit K deficiency decreases levels of brain sulfatides and causes behavioral alterations. ....The main form of Vit K in the brain was MK-4, and it was present in significantly higher concentrations in myelinated regions (the pons medulla and midbrain) than in nonmyelinated regions."

You can find other articles to back these claims up. But what they can't tell you is its significance!

.................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ............

Can you believe it?

vitamins are essential elements in the diet.

And they put a vitamin on prescription!

(check it out if you don't believe me)
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