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Re: How long should strings last?

Originally Posted by Maxpowers
I have 4 Prince Air DBs and I get them strung at 60 lbs with synthetic gut. My strings break after 3 days, which seems very quick. I've took my rackets over to another place and the same thing happened. Are all of these stringers making so they break quickly or is this normal?
I used to sting racquets so I know a fair bit about this....

Synthetic gut does break reasonably quickly, but I would say if they're breaking after 3 days that's not right. I would try 1 other place, my guess is it probably isn't being strung well.

Another possibility is that your game just isn't right for synthetic gut strings. Use strings which are slightly more durable, although the playability might not be quite so good. There isn't a huge difference though.
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