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Re: Re: Rios accuses Andre of drug use?

Originally Posted by Number1Kim
I'd also like to say (with apologies to an Aussie comedian who made the same comment about an accusation that Hewitt might be juiced):

If Andre is on steroids then they're pretty crap steroids.

Plus, he's had 2 kids in about 2 years. Unlikely in a long term user.
Plenty of steroid users have had children.

Not saying that Andre does use steroids; but just pointing out that this isn't proof. Steroids aren't used constantly it's a cycle of use and laying off the use. Anyway, the use has become much more sophisticated than it was at one time. Lower levels of the drug are used now. But this is such a hush-hush field that those of us outside the inner circle really only get glimpses of what really happens.

I just say that because we don't know whether anybody does or does not use performance enhancing drugs, we shouldn't speculate.

Courrier way back when he was playing thought EPO was used far more than anyone thought, but no one has ever been accused of taking that drug.

But, I even suspect players that I like of using, so don't think I am just against Agassi.
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