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Re: Rios accuses Andre of drug use?

Originally Posted by Dirk
According to a South American tennis friend, the papers have been buzzing with Rios' accusation that Agassi ran out of the stadium during last year's Australian Open to avoid a mandatory urine test. Rios has accused Agassi of steroid use and tennis officials of favoritism. Although it is important to consider the source this story definitely raises questions that need to be answered. As an expert in a closely related field, this accusation makes me wonder about Agassi's change in physique and fitness level and loss of hair over the past few years. He also has a home in the Bay Area and a designated fitness expert and guru like Bonds and Giambi.

This was the post on some AOL board. Could someone from South America tell me if it is true that papers down there have been reporting Rios's claim?
Hasn't the idea that Andre might have used or still does use drugs crossed just about everyone's mind when he hooked up with Reyes and started to bulk up and put on muscle mass? I think everyone who has a background in the field raised an eyebrow, but that, I think, is just something you keep to yourself because it might be right or it might be wrong.

There are plenty of players that I wonder about, but I don't know anything for sure so I would only say something to someone I know very well just because that sort of gossip is hurtful. I'm sure the players (and others on the tour) speculate about these things too.

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