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Re: Laws of MTF

Originally Posted by GrosjeantheGreat
Ze first Law:

GrosjeantheGreat should be rezpected and revered above all mankind
at all timez. A failure to recognise ze Great one, shall rezult in one, or all,
of ze following punishmentz, implemented and carried out by ze Great
onez foot soldierz, ze Grosjeanitez:

(Starting with ze less excruciatingly painful and tortuouz.)
1. Water torture.
2. Having ze testicles trapped in ze vice.
3. ze testiclez.
4. Having to watch a match between ze Williamz sisterz.
5. Having to watch ze "Best of Ivo Karlovic" dvd.
6. A date with Radek Stepanek.

Let Hingis' fate be a lezzon to thou all.

I lack direction.

Chocking makes me sad.
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