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Re: Top Spin WINS

Originally Posted by nkhera1
I've played top spin 1 for ps2. Its a fun game and highly unrealstic. The funny part is that I was able to win the grand slam beating Federer the only time I saw him (3-0,3-0) and he is one of the worst players in that game. Seriously he is ranked like number 13 and they have some made up player on there who has a 5 star serve and 5 star forehand but only a 2 star backhand and 2 star volley and he is ranked in the top 5. For some weird reason Hewitt, Gustavo Keurtan and Jan Michael Gambill are also in the top 5 while Robredo is in the 40s. I mean Hewitt makes sense but the other two are really weird. Anyways this game isn't a great sim but it is fun to play and I really like sliding on clay.
You sure it was TS1? lol I don't think Fed was in the first one?

Btw, TS2 is totally boring now.

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