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OMG Niminator! you have to get over this eventually! okay Layla, here's the story:

our friend Insanity is/was the biggest Jennifer fan on Gotennis, well actually the ONLY fan!lol! simon and all other haters created a FAF-Haters thread (FAF was the nickname of Cappy) and started making fun of her. Insanity got scared off by simon so he ran off to other tennis baords and changed his name to Moshe. and now he's changed his name again to Niminator! he keeps saying that I (yah, little ole me) was apart of the Capriati-bashing, but really i was one of the only people defending her. i even told simon to get a life! but he won't believe me!

well gotennis ha changed now anyway. the ATP Board is more active and exciting than ever before, even though the WTA Board is full of bitchy racists. i try to stay away from the WTA side of Gotennis as much as possible...

"Ferrero's going to be a tough one for anybody. This guy is the real deal already. He's got a chance at going a long, long way. This guy could be the best Spanish player ever; that's saying something." - John McEnroe, June 2000

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